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Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Columbus OHRecent arrest reports for Columbus Ohio show a pattern of drug trafficking and arrests for alcohol and drug use. The following is a report of recent news stories involving drug news in and around the Columbus Ohio area. If you are tired of searching for substance abuse treatment centers in Columbus OH, call Legacy Freedom. Ask how we can help you, or your family with recovery from drugs and alcohol this year.

Two people were arrested recently in Chillicothe on federal drug charges. Columbus residents Erick Porter, 25, and Suzanna Hinton, 26, were arrested on felony drug charges. These arrests stemmed from a search warrant that was executed for 323 Massie Ave.

Police reported that during the search they found 3 grams of heroin, 33 grams of crack cocaine, $1,800 cash, and a firearm. Porter was charged with possession of cocaine and having weapons under a disability. These are both third degree felonies. Porter was also charged with possession of heroin, a fifth degree felony.

Hinton was charged with two misdemeanor warrants. Kareyna Frederick, 25, also of Columbus, was charged with possession of cocaine which is a third degree felony.

The Highway Patrol released arrests for the Labor Day Holiday Weekend. Records show that more arrests were made for drug and impaired driving as well as seat belt violations compared to 2016 data. Overall 845 drivers were arrested for DUI. 6,171 people were cited for safety belt violations. Drug arrests totaled 536 and there were 150 felony apprehensions. There were 22 crashes that resulted in 24 deaths over the holiday weekend. This was also an increase compared to 2016. Four of the fatalities were related to alcohol, eleven to not wearing proper safety gear i.e. a seat-belt or motorcycle helmet. 33,166 traffic enforcement stops were made along with 17,789 non-enforcement stops.

In Hamilton County Ohio two men were arrested by drug agents. Seized were 6.6 pounds of heroin worth one million dollars. The arrests came as a result of a traffic stop. Drug agents stopped the car on eastbound 1-74 near New Haven Road in the Whitewater Township.

According to deputies these drug seizures and subsequent arrests are part of a large organization that was distributing heroin from Chicago to Cincinnati. Sgt. Morgan with the Regional Enforcement Narcotics Unit says the packages of heroin had been vacuum sealed and then wrapped in carbon paper to avoid being detected.

Caesar Medina and Velazquez Rosas were arrested. Sgt. Morgan said Medina is a main contributor to the narcotics epidemic in Cincinnati. Assistant Prosecutor David Wood asked for a high bond in both cases. He says both men are involved in organized crime and have access to large sums of money. Medina is from Chicago and Rosas is a Mexican national. Bond was set at two million dollars for each man.

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