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In addition, Western NC law enforcement is also working together to bring down drug traffickers and those using illegal drugs. Below, you'll find the most recent drug reports in the Western NC area.

Drug Trafficker Faces 56 Years in Prison

In Franklin North Carolina, outside of Asheville, 30-year-old Adam Sanders was convicted of and found guilty for trafficking drugs in the Western North Carolina area. The Macon County superior court found him guilty of trafficking methamphetamine by position, conspiracy to traffic methamphetamine and trafficking methamphetamine by transportation.

The sentencing for Sanders was at least 56 years in a federal prison. At that point, he may be eligible for release. However, his maximum sentence could be upwards of 70 and a half years in prison.

Sanders had an accomplice in this crime, Brodie Hamilton. Hamilton was sentenced five months ago. He was convicted of the same charges as Sanders. Both Hamilton and Sanders were arrested in June 2015.

Unfortunately, the two involved two other young addicts that were talked into traveling to Atlanta Georgia to purchase 2 pounds of crystal meth. After purchasing the meth, investigators were able to intercept the vehicle in Macon County where the ongoing investigation furthered.

According to District Attorney Ashley Welch, "This conviction keeps another dangerous methamphetamine dealer off the streets for essentially the rest of his life and sends a strong message to the community that the District Attorney's Office places the highest priority on protecting our community from the plaque and poison that is methamphetamine. I commend all of the dedicated professionals in law enforcement who partner with the District Attorney's Office to make our communities a safer place to live." She also stated that, "Adam Sanders and Brodie Hamilton are responsible for ruining countless lives in our community. Both convictions and sentences ensure that they will not be able to continue their methamphetamine business ever again.”

Man Charged with Selling Marijuana on Craigslist

Also, just last month, an Asheville man was charged with selling marijuana on the popular website Craigslist. In addition, he was charged with two counts of selling and delivering a schedule for controlled substance and felony possession of marijuana. Devon Stonkus is a 33-year-old male who was investigated by the Marshall police department after they saw postings on craigslist using code words and phrases that coincided with selling illegal drugs.

The 33-year-old was apprehended after undercover police officers acted like buyers. With help from the North Carolina state highway patrol, they were able to get him to deliver marijuana to the undercover agent. At that point, he was arrested on site and officers found the amount of marijuana agreed-upon for sale and delivery in his vehicle.

In addition to these charges, he's also charged with driving recklessly and wanton disregard and speeding in Buncombe County.

Heroin Trafficking

Heroin trafficking charges have also been placed on an Asheville man, 27 years of age. Devon Michael is charged with three felony counts. They include possession with intent to manufacture, sale and deliver a schedule three controlled substance, possessing with intent to manufacture, sell and deliver heroin and trafficking heroin and opium. He's also charged with all of these for cocaine, as well.

Adding to these charges, he was also found with a firearm by felony, as he has been in trouble with the law for drugs before now. Michael also had Marinol. This drug is derived from tetrahydrocannabinol. This is also called THC. THC is the naturally occurring chemical in marijuana. Marinol is used to help chemotherapy patients and those with immune deficiencies. It can help with loss of appetite, weight loss and nausea.

Michael was found with a total of 17.1 grams of cocaine and 11.4 grams of heroin. In addition, there was a Fentanyl mixture in his possession at the time.

Man Caught Selling Heroin to an Undercover Cop Twice in One Month

drug trafficking, crime, addiction and sale concept - close up oAn Asheville man was also charged with possession of more than 45 grams of heroin. He sold it to an undercover cop two separate times in May. Thomas Littlejohn was charged with two counts of selling and delivering heroin, maintaining a controlled substance inside a vehicle, possessing a firearm by felon and two counts of trafficking heroin or opiates.

On his first attempt at selling heroin to an undercover cop, he had at least 8 grams on him at the time. This was on May 19. The second go around he had 40 grams. This happened on May 31.

In 2014, Littlejohn served time for breaking in entering. Because of this, he was not allowed to have a fire arm, as he was a convicted felon.

With all of this drug news, it's important to remember that drug rehab can help those that are struggling with addiction. If you or someone you love are getting in trouble with the law over drugs, contact Legacy Freedom. We are here to help.

We will also continue bringing you the latest drug reports in the Western NC are, as well. Stay tuned for more information.

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