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therapist in Charlotte, NCThanks for joining us for the second part of our series on rebuilding your mental health support system after a move. Relocating to a new place is stressful and having your mental health care support team in place before you even unpack the first box is key. However, many people don't realize the important role that a social support system provides. Creating connections in a new place to help you cope with the stresses and anxieties that living in a new location can bring is important. In our previous post, we shared tips for making these connections.

Today we are sharing why these relationships are so important. The reasoning may surprise you! Searching for a therapist in Charlotte, NC? Can't find one that you trust? Call Legacy Freedom. We can help!

We all know that having a group of friends makes us happier people and that when things get hard, you want someone who can help you through. Relying on your old social network via social media or text can be helpful, but nothing beats having a person nearby you can grab coffee with, see a movie, or simply get together and chat with. Here are the other surprisingĀ benefits of having a great social support network:

  • Improved Health - A 2015 American Psychological Association (APA) survey found that people who reported having a good social support network reported lower instances of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other infectious diseases. They also reported fewer cases of high blood pressure.
  • Unlimited Resources - Your social support network is a great tool for finding a new coffee shop or someone to repair your vacuum cleaner, but having a new friend who has been in the area longer than you is like having an unlimited resource. If they don't know the answer, chances are they have a friend who does! Using a trusted network of people can help reduce the possibility of encountering additional stress when you have significant problems arise like car repairs or home maintenance needs.
  • Safety and Security - Whether it's a flat tire on the side of the road, a bad day at work or someone who calls and checks on you after a severe storm, having a great local support network can make all the difference. Knowing you have someone you can call for a ride when your car's battery dies, or you need to grab some tacos and blow off some steam, nothing beats having a local friend. Whether they lend an ear or a snow shovel, you'll be surprised how much more secure you feel knowing they are nearby.
  • Beat the Blues - Having a support network of people with shared interests makes you feel less alone. This can help you cope with the depression, anxiety, and stress that comes with being new in town.
  • Increased Self Esteem - Did you know that being called 'friend' by someone can boost your self-esteem? Being called a friend reinforces our belief in ourselves that we are worthwhile, valuable and that we are a good person. This boost to your confidence is exactly what you need when you are starting a new job or meeting new groups of people.
  • Raise the Flag - After people get to know you, they can alert you to when you are struggling with your mental health. Often we are too focused on work or school or family to see that we are having a problem. A good friend who is close by can give you feedback when things seem off, or they are worried about changes in behavior. Their feedback can allow you to refocus and get back on track more quickly and easily.

Establish connections for growing your social support network through work, church or clubs and activities that you enjoy. These are also great ways to beat the post move blues!

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