Can Re-purposing Vacant Lots Improve Mental Health?

therapists in Charlotte, NCIt comes as no surprise to many that spending time outdoors and enjoying green spaces in urban areas can help improve your mental health. A recent study published in the JAMA Network Open highlights the correlation between the mental health of city residents in Philadelphia and the restoration efforts underway in that city. A city-wide cleaning and greening campaign of urban lots has been underway for some time, and the result has led to an uptick in overall resident mental health. Legacy Freedom offers the best therapists in Charlotte, NC for any mental health problem. Call us today to learn more.

Before the city's efforts to clear abandoned lots and refresh the cityscape, residents reported feeling worthless and depressed. Since the project has begun, more than 100 areas in the city have been revamped by the researchers from the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine as part of the study. More than 541 vacant lots were identified in the Philadelphia area and then divided into clusters. The selected groups showed signs of distress and urban blight. Filled with overgrown vegetation, abandoned cars, and trash, the plots to be improved were chosen at random as work began on urban re-greening efforts.

While trash was being cleared, old cars were being hauled away, and areas were being re-landscaped, residents were interviewed by researchers about how they felt about living near or within these clusters. The study participants were told that they had been chosen to participate in a study focused on improving the understanding of urban health. They were unaware that the researchers were involved in the greening efforts around them.

Within the first 18 months after the restoration was completed, these study participants were interviewed again. The people who lived near the recently improved lots experienced a 51% drop in feelings of worthlessness and a 41% drop in depressive feelings. While it was difficult to measure overall mental health improvements, researchers say they are confident that residents are experiencing better psychological health. The greening efforts were particularly impactful for residents who lived in areas that were falling below the poverty line. The results of the study suggest that urban greening efforts could offer real improvements to the overall mental health of the population.

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