Questions Those In Recovery Can Use To Reflect on 2016

Columbus OH Drug RehabAnother year has almost past. For those in Columbus OH drug rehab or recovery, this time of year can be scary. Reflecting on the past and preparing for the future can actually be scary for anyone, regardless of their sobriety. But it doesn't have to be.

Reflection does not have to be something you need to be afraid of. In fact, we think you should embrace it. Over the next few posts, we're going to list out some of the questions we think that you should be asking yourself. These questions will actually help prepare for things next year. Do you know someone suffering from an addiction problem? Maybe it's time to finally get them professional help in 2017. Maybe it's time to call Legacy Freedom! We offer the best Columbus OH drug rehab and alcohol treatment for people of all ages. Call today to learn more our New Year's outpatient treatment programs.

Questions To Help You Reflect on 2016

What were the good things that happened to me?

Ask yourself about all the things that went well for you this year. What did you accomplish? Which New Year's resolutions did you keep from last year? What goals did you hit? List out all of the things that you did that had a positive impact. Even celebrate the small things. If there were some things you failed at, don't dwell on them. Think about how you can succeed and try again. Use these positive gains as momentum to get you started off on the right foot in 2017.

Who do I owe a special thank you to?

As a recovering addict, you're always going to need a support system. These people are crucial at helping you navigate life once you're out of rehab and reintegrating back into normal life. Be sure to make a list of all the people that have helped you along the way. Make sure you tell them how much you appreciate their help and thank them for their kindness and generosity.

What are the things that I need to work on?

Now ask yourself about the things that did not go so well. Make a list of the things that you failed to accomplish. Also list out the personal and behavioral things that you want to change moving forward. If you need to work on anger problems, trust issues, depression, or more, make an action plan on how you're going to get help.

The biggest key is being honest with yourself when answering. As a person in recovery, honesty is a huge part of moving on with your life without substance abuse. Lying to yourself and others will always hold you back.

Don't miss our next post on this subject for more personal questions that will help recovering addicts reflect on this past year. If you need help beating addiction in 2017, please keep reading to see how Legacy Freedom can helps families beat substance abuse in the New Year.

Holistic Columbus OH Drug Rehab Center and Alcohol Treatment Facility for 2017

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