Questions to Ask Yourself After a Relapse

wilmington drug and alcohol treatment centerA recovering addict can learn a lot from a relapse, which is when someone abandons their recovery program and goes back to their old habit of drinking or taking drugs. It can happen once or over a period of time. Most times, it happens several times or over the course of a few days or weeks. A relapse doesn’t have to mean that all hope is gone. Someone who has relapsed can learn from the experience so that it can help strengthen his recovery from this new starting point.

With any mistake, the best way to learn from it is to ask questions about why it happened. When someone is in recovery, it could be any number of factors, from cognitive to environmental to social situations or issues.  Once the reasons why are uncovered, it can help an addict move forward in recovery with a better understanding that can help prevent it from happening again.

If you or a loved one has experienced a relapse, take a look at the following questions to uncover why it happened. If you need a Wilmington drug and alcohol treatment center, call Legacy Freedom for help.

1. What happened the day you relapsed?
There is bound to be a reason why you turned to drugs or alcohol. You may have been exposed to triggers, which are cues that bring back thoughts of drugs or alcohol. You may have had a stressful day. Or it may have been a culmination of different things that led up to it. The reason for asking yourself this is to identify the triggers and issues that make you want to drink or do drugs so that you can deal with them.

2. What were you thinking before the relapse?
Try to remember your emotional state. Were you angry, hurt or sad? If you turned to old habits when feeling that emotion, then you need to learn new coping skills. You can talk with your counselor or support group to find better ways of handling your emotions.

3. Who were you with the day it happened?
If you were with people from your past when you were using drugs or drinking, then you may want to avoid them in the future. When you’re in recovery it’s best to stay away from people who still have that lifestyle. It can be difficult to stay sober if you’re around people who are still engaging in those behaviors. You need to decide which is more important – your sobriety or those (potentially damaging) relationships.

4. How did you feel afterwards?
If you felt bad physically, remember that feeling so that it may help you avoid relapse again. You probably felt guilty and ashamed, and as if you won’t be able to recover from this mistake. Instead of beating yourself up, decide to accept what happened and then tell yourself you won’t do it again.

If you work through the reasons why you relapsed, you will have better tools to use to prevent it from happening again. By identifying your triggers and how you deal with them, in addition to making changes to your lifestyle, you can prevent a future relapse.

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