Putting Your Trigger Plan Into Action

drug rehab in charlotteHaving a trigger plan that is ready for action is an important part of drug recovery no matter how long you've been out of drug rehab in Charlotte and recovering from drug addiction. Triggers can affect even the most seasoned recovering addict at the most unexpected time.

Below, you'll find a few tips that can help those in the beginning stages of recovery learn to use their trigger plan without feeling overwhelmed or stressed about the situation that caused the trigger and craving to use drugs.

Trigger Plan in Action | Drug Rehab in Charlotte

Call a friend or family member. Having someone that is aware of your trigger issues that you can call when you're faced with a trigger is key. Call them and share the experience with them. Talk about the trigger, how it made you feel and how bad the craving is. Sharing your feelings and urges is important and can keep you from relapsing more than anything else. Calling a a supportive friend or family member and sharing your feelings about the trigger helps you feel like you're not alone.

Distract yourself. Have a distraction in place as part of your plan. When you're faced with a trigger, occupy yourself. Go directly to a drug rehab in Charlotte for an outpatient meeting, go for a run or vigorous walk or play a brain stimulating game on your cell phone. Do whatever it takes to remove yourself from the trigger without giving in to the cravings that come with facing this trigger.

Wait for 30 minutes. Cravings usually only last around 15 minutes; 30 minutes at the most. Make sure that your distraction lasts at least 30 minutes. Keep busy for that entire 30 minutes and you should be able to go on and do the things you were doing before you were faced with the trigger.

Triggers are a serious problem that can take years to overcome. Don't feel defeated if you have to use your trigger plan at some point during the beginning stages of your recovery. You should feel accomplished more than frustrated or defeated. Putting your trigger plan into action and overcoming the urge to use drugs is a victory that should be celebrated with positive thoughts.

For more information on facing triggers, be sure to visit back with us in our next blog post!

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