PTSD and Relationships

PTSD treatment in Wilmington, NCPeople who suffer from PTSD have trouble in many aspects of their lives, especially in relationships. Whether they are personal, work related, or acquaintance type relationships, there are usually problems that come along with interacting with someone who has survived trauma and is suffering from PTSD. If you need PTSD treatment in Wilmington, NC, please call Legacy for help.

Most of the time, PTSD develops after a traumatic experience. Whether someone witnesses the loss of a friend or family member, has been in a war, or experienced a natural disaster, they are not able to get over what happened. Even if they seem normal, they might have trouble sleeping or eating. There is a constant anxiety and fear in them that will not go away.

Below, you will find several ways that PTSD can affect relationships.
Those suffering from PTSD are often irritable, worried, anxious, and easily startled. Those who live with, work around, or have friendships with someone suffering from this mental illness may find that it's very difficult to relax. Because you're always walking on pins and needles, socializing or working with someone suffering from PTSD can feel pressured and tense.

Romantic relationships with someone suffering from PTSD are strained in ways that include alienation, emotional numbness, constantly feeling hurt, and being angry about the distance that seems to always be present.

With PTSD, anything can trigger memories of past trauma. Unfortunately, that could come at the most unexpected time for both the one suffering from a mental disorder as well as those around them.

Trauma survivors often have to avoid reminders of their experience. They struggle with anger, fear, and anxiety. Significant others of those who are suffering from PTSD might feel irritated and frustrated with having to continually worry about avoiding these reminders, memories and triggers.

Significant others of PTSD sufferers might also have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Because PTSD victims have terrible nightmares, it might make it hard for either one of you to get a good night's sleep. For this reason, many PTSD sufferers choose to sleep alone.

If you, or someone you love, are experiencing PTSD please know that help is available. Legacy Freedom can help. We can work with you so that you understand all the symptoms as well as how to treat this mental disorder.

PTSD Treatment in Wilmington, NC You Can Trust

Do you find yourself constantly flashing back to trauma that was experienced at some point in your life? Is it becoming worse as time goes on? If so, it's time to consider holistic PTSD treatment in Wilmington, NC. At Legacy, we are here to help with holistic and alternative anxiety and PTSD therapy. We can help you find the root cause of your mental illness and also help you treat and recover from it. Learning to cope with a mental illness alone is difficult and overwhelming. However, you don't have to suffer alone. Contact Legacy of Wilmington NC for more information.

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