PTSD After a Heart Attack

Columbus, OH PTSD therapyWhile some people feel a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper appreciation for life after they have suffered a heart attack, many struggle with a severe and debilitating worry about having a second heart attack. New research has found that one in eight heart attack survivors are being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Although PTSD is typically associated with severe trauma like sexual assault, combat violence, or natural disasters, those who have had a near-death experience like a heart attack can experience many of the same symptoms. If you need Columbus, OH PTSD therapy you can trust, call Legacy Freedom now.

Other studies have shown that the younger the person is when they experience the heart attack, the more likely they are to develop PTSD. Another factor in whether or not the person develops PTSD after their heart attack depends on the severity of the attack. If the person died and was revived through resuscitation this increases the likelihood of experiencing PTSD. Developing PTSD after a heart attack puts survivors at double the risk of having another heart attack and dying from it than those who did not develop PTSD. While no one will dispute that suffering a heart attack is a severe medical problem, the psychological result of the incident cannot be predicted.

Recognizing PTSD in a friend or loved one who has had a heart attack can help them understand what is happening and seek treatment. The symptoms may present right after the heart attack or may develop slowly over time.

Signs of PTSD include:

  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Loss of interest in life or favorite activities
  • Flashbacks
  • Being easily startled
  • Feeling emotionally numb
  • Nightmares
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Avoiding places and activities that remind them of the event
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Shortness of breath

One of the most critical factors in the treatment of PTSD is the speed at which the condition is addressed. The sooner treatment starts the more effective it will be. Talking with your loved one about their feelings and worries after their heart attack can help you discern whether seeking treatment would be helpful.

Outpatient Columbus, OH PTSD Therapy

At Legacy Freedom of Columbus, we know that suffering a heart attack is a traumatic event. We have helped hundreds of clients work through their PTSD after their heart attacks and develop ways to cope with the fear, stress, and anxiety. By combining traditional talk therapy with alternative treatment methods, we can help you understand where your fears and anxieties come from and help you learn to overcome them in healthy and positive ways.

With more than ten different types of alternative treatments to choose from you and your care team will create a plan of treatment that focuses on your needs, abilities, and goals. Our staff physical therapist and dietician will help you learn to heal through gentle exercise and proper diet. We believe in treating the whole person, not just your mental health conditions.

Getting started with Legacy Freedom and quality Columbus, OH PTSD therapy is easy. Just call or click to connect with our team and begin your healing journey today!


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