PTSD in Civilians or Non-Military

Asheville, NC PTSD therapyAre you constantly in fear of reliving an experience that happened years ago? Do you have a problem forgetting about the exact feelings and emotions you went through during a traumatic time? If so, you may want to consider the following information. You may be experiencing PTSD.

PTSD is known widely in cases that involve the military. Post dramatic stress disorder is developed after something dangerous, scary or shocking has occurred in one's life.

While we always tend to consider this a disorder that current military or ex-military deal with, it can actually be experienced and civilians and non-military, as well.

Traumatic experiences can leave us feeling scared and anxious. That is normal. However, fear is triggered in many different ways. Most of the time, we have a fight or flight response that leaves us shying away from a situation where we feel a need to protect ourselves. Almost everyone will experience this at least once in their lifetime.

Unfortunately, those who continue to have a reaction to the traumatic experience, time and time again might be diagnosed with PTSD. This disorder can be triggered by anything. Sometimes a sound or smell can throw us right back into the trauma we once experienced.

In some cases, PTSD happens when someone witness is an event that is frightening or threatening. Even if it doesn't happen to you personally, you can be seriously affected by it. Sometimes, emergency workers have PTSD because of a car accident or other situation where an individual was seriously hurt or worse.

If you are experiencing this type of disorder, do not feel ashamed. There is nothing to be guilty of. Help is available. One of the best first step is recognizing all the symptoms that can come with PTSD.

Upon being diagnosed with PTSD it's possible individuals might have a reoccurring experience at least once. Most times the re-experience happens quite often. The symptoms can include the following:

  • Nightmares about the experience
  • Flashbacks of the situation
  • Sweating when thinking about it
  • Racing heart when reliving the trauma
  • Avoiding places or things that remind you of the traumatic experience
  • Avoiding thoughts or feelings that can remind one of the situation
  • Insomnia
  • Constant feeling of tension or feeling on edge
  • Feeling guilty
  • Loss of interest and hobbies
  • Negative thoughts
  • Outbursts of anger
  • Easily startled

Remember, anyone can experience PTSD. It can come from a life-threatening car wreck, losing a loved one, being held at gunpoint and more. The situation in which PTSD is triggered is different for everyone. It doesn't have to be from a military experience. Don't ignore these symptoms if you've been subjected to them. Legacy Freedom can help. There are treatment programs geared toward helping those with this very disorder. Don't hesitate. Contact us now.

Holistic Asheville, NC PTSD Therapy | Legacy Freedom

If you’re suffering from any of these symptoms and need help from a professional, contact Legacy Freedom of Asheville. PTSD is something that can plague anyone, no matter what their traumatizing experience was. Don't assume it's only a disorder for those that have been in the military or experienced war. Thankfully, it’s something that can be treated, and we can help. Call now for more information about our Asheville, NC PTSD therapy programs.

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