More on PTSD After a Bad Relationship

Raleigh, NC PTSD therapyWelcome back to our continuing series on post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as the result of a bad relationship. In our previous post, we talked about the ways an abusive relationship can cause you to develop PTSD. Whether the abuse was mental, physical or emotional, the trauma of that relationship and moving past it can be tough. Knowing the signs of PTSD and when to seek help are critical. For more information, please keep reading or call Legacy Freedom. We offer Raleigh, NC PTSD therapy that you can depend on.

While there is no right way to grieve the end of a relationship, those relationships that were abusive require more aftercare. A number of alternative therapies have been shown to be beneficial to those who are experiencing PTSD as a result of an abusive relationship and the subsequent breakup. Remember that it is important to openly and honestly communicate the thoughts and feelings you are having to your therapist or counselor so that they can help you address all the issues you are facing. Being ashamed of your feelings or hiding symptoms you are experiencing will only hinder or prolong your healing process. It is important to note that some people may be more likely to develop PTSD than others. Previous traumas, experiences, or losses can lay the framework for the development of PTSD and may also be the basis for other underlying mental health concerns like anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders and self-esteem issues.

In addition to traditional one-on-one talk therapy and group therapy, the following alternative treatments have proved beneficial for those who struggle with PTSD:

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. This therapy focuses on reducing the impact of disturbing memories through a series of treatments. The goal is to disrupt the memory patterns and make the memories less distinct and traumatic. During these treatments, the therapist will help the patient learn to utilize specific coping mechanisms attached to these memories and lessen their psychological impact.
  • Yoga. Focusing the mind, body, and breath will allow you to overcome the anxiety and trauma associated with the breakup. Learn to stop racing, obsessive, or anxious thoughts related to the abuse you suffered, the break up itself, or the challenges you may face now that you are on your own. The ancient practice of yoga has many additional health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, heart rate and stress levels. Adding yoga to your therapeutic regime will allow its far reaching benefits to become part of your daily coping skills.
  • Acupuncture. This ancient form of Chinese medicine restores the flow of energy in the body. This energy is known as the Qi. When the Qi becomes blocked in the body, troubles build up behind the blockage. By removing these blockages, acupuncturists help their patients cope with anxiety, depression, PTSD and even addiction.

Raleigh, NC PTSD Therapy You Can Depend On!

When you are ready to begin your journey to healing, Legacy Freedom is ready to help you with quality Raleigh, NC PTSD therapy. Our care team works with you to create a care plan that is focused on you and your needs. Whether you have been diagnosed with PTSD previously or have a history of struggling with anxiety, depression or eating disorders, we can help. Call or click to connect with Legacy Freedom of Raleigh today!


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