NC Company Provides Private K-9 Drug Searches for Your Kids’ Rooms

Raleigh Drug RehabAs the amount of drug traffic in the Wake County area increases, one local business is offering parents a valuable service. For a fee, Stealth Vigilance K-9 (SVK9) Services will come to your home and search your child's room with their highly trained K-9s. These dogs are trained to find narcotics, explosives, weapons and even missing people. As parents become more concerned about the activities their children are involved in, K-9 searches provide a more thorough search than a parent is capable of. If your child needs Raleigh drug rehab that your family can trust, call Legacy Freedom for help.

These highly trained dogs can detect methamphetamines, cocaine and its derivatives, heroin, and marijuana. Discreet and confidential searches give parents the information they need to confront their child and begin to address a burgeoning substance abuse problem. Many teens are unaware that the choices they are making have lifelong consequences. SVK9 can conduct searches in your home, vehicles, school lockers or anywhere that you have legal ownership or authority.

A typical home search takes about an hour. For security reasons, the SVK9 team asks that the suspected party not be present. The team of dog and handler arrives in an unmarked vehicle and begins to target areas of suspicion. Should the dog happen to find a scent, the dog alerts their handler and the team clearly identifies the area of interest. Once all of the areas of interest are marked, additional inspections and investigations may take place. Substances that are found can be tested for an additional fee so that you are completely informed about what was found on the premises.

Once the substances have been identified, what happens next is up to you. SVK9 is not required to report any findings to the authorities, nor are they affiliated with law enforcement. This is a private search. The service offers parents, guardians or concerned family members an alternative way to address a potentially severe and life threatening issue.

Raleigh Drug RehabFor more than 100 years law enforcement agencies around the globe have relied on dogs for assistance in police work. However, it wasn't until the 1970s that the use of dogs in police work gained popularity in the United States. K-9s are now considered a standard part of the police force and an integral component of the communities that they serve. The dogs at SVK9 undergo the same rigorous training and testing as their law enforcement counterparts. The dogs at SVK9 are chosen from the same breeders and obtain the same certifications as the working law enforcement dogs.

Substance addiction is life altering. Addressing the issue early and getting help for a family member or loved one is crucial. Legacy Freedom understands the emotional situation that discovering a hidden substance addiction can evoke. Our care team is here to help you so that you will know how to approach your loved one to offer support and rehabilitation for their chemical dependency.

Holistic Raleigh Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment For Teens

Legacy Freedom of Raleigh is not a twelve step program. We believe in treating substance abuse and addiction with a holistic approach. You are the focus, not your addiction. Helping you heal means identifying the underlying causes for your substance dependence. Many clients begin using drugs or alcohol as a way to self-medicate and escape the pain and trauma of an abusive childhood, PTSD, depression, anxiety or another untreated mental illness. Together with your Life-Purpose coach, you will create a customized treatment plan to help you overcome your addiction.

Healing your body begins the recovery process. Together with our registered dietitian and our on-staff physical therapist, you will learn what it means to take care of yourself. Proper nutrition, exercise, and rehabilitation help heal the physical ravages of a chemical dependency.

Getting to the root of your addiction comes through one-on-one sessions with our highly trained therapists. Utilizing a variety of therapeutic approaches, you will work together to understand what underlying issues or co-occurring illnesses are causing you to turn to substance abuse. Group therapy allows you to connect with your peers and find support outside the Legacy Freedom facility. Our program encourages friends, family, and partners to be involved in your sobriety journey with family events and support groups.

Alternative therapies drive home new coping mechanisms and provide ways for you to develop healthy boundaries and interests. With more than ten different treatments for you to choose from, your Life-Purpose coach will help you decide which is the right one for you. Whether you prefer equine therapy, adventure therapy, yoga or tai chi, each therapeutic activity helps bring your drug and alcohol treatment goals full circle.

Admitting your loved one has a problem and asking for help can be the most difficult steps in the journey to help them recover from a drug or alcohol addiction. The journey to sobriety and health begins with a call or click. Connect with Legacy Freedom today for Raleigh drug rehab you can trust!

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