Prevention Tips for Teens and Young Adults

Drug Rehab in Charlotte NC: Prevention Tips

Since October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, it’s important for our drug rehab in Charlotte NC to take time to address the issues of teen and young adult substance abuse challenges.

Below, we offer a few tips that will help all teens and young adults steer clear of drugs and alcohol, in hopes of enabling them to continue to lead a healthy, addiction free life.

Just Say No Confidently. Fear of rejection from friends can be a huge issue for teens. The fear is so strong that we sometimes forget what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s important to know that not every teen is doing drugs or drinking alcohol. It’s 100% OK to just say no. Be confident in your decision to reject drugs or alcohol. Let your friends know that you refuse and that it’s OK to refuse. If they’re pressuring you to do something that can harm you, that should send up a red flag. Friends don’t encourage their friends to drink or do drugs. Your confidence will help them understand that.

Avoid Situations That Might Lead to Peer Pressure. Sometimes, hanging out with the wrong crowd, even if it's only for a little while, can immediately lead to substance abuse issues. Know who you’re hanging out with. Know where they’re hanging out and what they’re doing, away from school. Avoid anyone that uses drugs or drinks alcohol. It’s OK to make new friends if you suspect that your current friends are falling victim to substance abuse. Do whatever it takes to avoid any type of situation that leads to peer pressure in order to ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen to you.

There are many things teens and young adults can do to help them steer clear of any worries of a future drug or alcohol problem. For more substance abuse prevention tips for teens and young adults visit back with our drug rehab in Charlotte NC, Legacy Freedom, soon. As always, please remember our Charlotte rehab is here to help you with you addiction issues and can help you find the path to recovery. Contact Legacy Freedom to speak with one of our counselors, today.

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