Preventing Holiday Depression

drug rehabilitation in Asheville NCStress and depression are common themes this time of year, especially when it comes to the holiday season. Those who are in drug rehabilitation in Asheville NC, in recovery, or just tend to get down and out in general might have trouble being happy and joyful.

Whatever it is that causes your depression and stress this upcoming season, consider the following tips. They might help you not only battle the depression but also prevent it in some cases. For the best outpatient drug rehabilitation in Asheville NC, call Legacy Freedom of Asheville today!

How To Prevent Holiday Depression

There's no need to stress this time of year. While we know it's hard to be happy and cheerful all the time, there are ways to avoid situations and make light of others, without becoming depressed.

Avoiding conflicts with family is a great way to prevent depression this season. If you know that you continually have issues with certain family members, consider forgoing that event this year. Or, if you must attend, stay away from them the entire time. If they approach you at a time when you're alone, politely excuse yourself and find a loved one that supports and respects you. It's not worth the trouble, confronting or arguing with family, at any point throughout the year, especially during the holidays.

When you get your list crossed off and have a well defined idea of what you are and are not going to do this year, ask for help. And, not just any help; specific help. Need a hand decorating the tree? Ask a sibling to come over and get it done. Need someone to cook half the meal for your holiday celebration? Ask a parent to cook the turkey, a cousin to make dessert and someone else should bring the sides. Don't just ask for help in general, be specific.

Don't worry about things you can't control this season, either. If you're unable to get all your decorating done due to stress and fatigue, who cares? Not able to attend all the parties because of feeling under the weather or conflicting schedules? Don't stress. You are in charge of your well being. Be sure to keep that front and center this season. Don't worry about things that you can't control.

According to, "If you’ve been depressed, you need a network of close friends and family to turn to when things get tough," says David Shern, PhD, president and CEO of Mental Health America in Alexandria, Va. So during the holidays, take time to get together with your support team regularly -- or at least keep in touch by phone to keep yourself centered.

drug rehabilitation in Asheville NCDon't get in over your head when it comes to decorating, planning parties and other holiday to-dos. Instead, skip adding lights to the roofline this year if it means less stress. Don't decorate two trees inside the house. Cancel the open house you normally have for friends and family. Make a list of all the things you normally do during this time of year. If it overwhelms you just to look at it, start crossing things off that aren't one hundred percent necessary for you. Why stress over things when you can easily do without them? It might be odd for friends and family at first, but when you explain to them that you're not able to do these things without fear of stress and depression, they'll more than understand.

Instead of getting out and fighting crowds at malls and other retail shops, consider shopping online. You'll be surprised at how much easier and stress free things will be. To make it even better, sit down and plan out what you need to buy and for whom. Then, make a list of everything you'd like to purchase and from where. Once you're done, take 30 minutes each day to shop until everything is complete. Be sure to put a time limit on daily online shopping or you'll end up sitting at a computer for too long. That, in itself, can cause stress and anxiety.

Also before shopping, make a budget and be sure to stick with it. We all know that financial stress is a major factor for depression. Knowing that you want to purchase elaborate gifts and not being able to can bring even the most cheerful person down. Instead of going shopping without a budget and then realizing how expensive things can be, start with the budget first. Set a limit for each person and stick with it! It's the thought that counts versus the amount spent, anyway!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "Try to get to bed and wake up at approximately the same time every day; avoid large meals and physical activity such as dancing within a few hours of bedtime; and make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary, free from TV or other distractions."

Stay away from alcohol, as well. This can be big issue for those that already have a tendency to become depressed. Alcohol will not only cause your depression to spiral out of control, it can also disrupt sleep and eating routines. This alone can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety during the holidays. You'll be tired, hungry and depressed. This can be a tough combination of problems to overcome once things get to far. When you feel the need to partake in a quick drink this season, consider a mocktail, a non-alcoholic drink that looks like a cocktail without the liquor in it. You'll find that it's mentally satisfying and tasty! However, if you have a substance abuse problem, call Legacy Freedom. We offer affordable alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Asheville NC.

We hope these tips help you prevent depression this holiday season. For most, it's the most wonderful time of the year. But for others, it's a difficult time. Do your best to get through this season without becoming stressed or anxious. That alone will help keep depression at bay!

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