How to Prevent Substance Abuse Among Teen Mothers

Asheville drug rehabYou might think that your pregnant teen knows better than to partake in substance abuse. Unfortunately, three out of five pregnant teenagers admitted to having used one or more substances in the past year, according to a study done by the University of Texas at Austin.

According to that same study, pregnant teens are nearly twice as likely to use drugs or alcohol compared with their peers. The highest rates of substance use among pregnant teens was actually among the youngest, with 12-14 year old mothers reporting using substances in the past 30 days at a rate of 34%.

We hope these tips below will help you deal with this situation if it pertains to your family. If you find that your teen needs substance abuse treatment, please call Legacy Freedom and ask how our Asheville drug rehab center can help.

Prevent Substance Abuse Among Teenage Mothers

  • Talk about legal problems. Drug offenses can lead to time in jail, cost them their license, college loans and more.
  • Remind them that using drugs is not OK. For any reason.
  • Discuss how drugs can hurt people and unborn babies. Transmission of diseases, accidents, impaired coordination and slowed growth are all consequences of using.
  • Enlighten them on the effects of drugs on the body. Also, continue to talk about the legal concerns of using drugs.
  • Show them you’re disappointed in them and the fact they’d use drugs when it could hurt them and their baby. Also, emphasize your love and support for them.
  • Let them know that you don’t want them using drugs. Let them know that you’ll continue to be disappointed each time they use.

Setting limits and consistent support from parents can drastically decrease substance abuse in pregnant teens. While it might seem like an easy fix, this method can be quite difficult. Teens are moody, troublesome and often refuse to let their parents in. However, doing this is estimated to lower rates of drug use by 50 percent.

Teen expectant mothers who show a strong interest in school are also less likely to use drugs or drink alcohol. This too, shows that parents who participate in their kid's lives and support them with the tools they need to succeed can help.

Helping your pregnant teen find success through education may be the only thing that helps them stay away from substance abuse. It will help them feel happier and more confident, something that abusers don't often feel. Don't think that it's a loss cause. Help them understand life, the world and how to enjoy it. Even at their age, they still need their parent's guidance.

If you are worried about keeping your young adult safe from substance abuse, take time to help them learn about the negative effects of it. Also let them know you're there for them no matter what. Devote all the time you have to actively participate in every aspect of their lives.

Affordable Asheville Drug Rehab for Teens

Is your pregnant teen suffering from a substance abuse problem and needs help? Holistic outpatient therapy might be the best decision. Addiction isn’t something that can be easily beaten. Oftentimes, it requires rehab and support. Legacy Freedom of Asheville is here to offer both to you, when you’re ready. Contact us today to learn more about our outpatient Asheville drug rehab center. Start your journey to recovery and a happier, healthier life with Legacy Freedom.

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