Which US Presidents Used Drugs and Alcohol?

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Columbus OHThe president of the United States is one the most powerful people in the world. However, that does not mean that they are immune to addiction and substance abuse. This past election got us thinking at our drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus OH about which past presidents had these types of problems.

That lead us to compile a list. Over the course of the next two posts, we'll be telling you which presidents drank, smoke, and more. Lets take a closer look below. If you, or someone you love, could use help with addiction, call a drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus OH that you can trust. Call Legacy Freedom. You'll appreciate our outpatient treatment options.

The US Presidents That Drank, Smoked, and Used Drugs

George Washington

President Washington served office from 1789-1797. It's well know that Washington grew hemp, a non-intoxicating relative of marijuana, at his home in Mount Vernon. Washington also suffered from lots of dental problems and there are reports of him using laudanum, an opiate derivative, to alleviate the pain. It's also reported that Washington enjoying drinking wine and homemade spirits as well.

John Adams

Adams was the president from 1797-1801. He liked to drink beer, wine, and rum, but there are no reports that he drank alcohol excessively.

Thomas Jefferson

From 1801-1809, Thomas Jefferson was the president. There's reports that he grew poppy plants at Monticello, where his estate was. Opium is derived from poppy. Jefferson could have been using the poppy to treat diarrhea.

Martin Van Buren

Martin Van Buren was the US President from 1837-1841. It's been told that he drank so much that his nickname was "Blue Whiskey Van."

Franklin Pierce

Franklin Pierce is one of America's most unknown presidents. He served the office from 1853-1857. It's reported that President Pierce liked to drink a lot. In fact, when his term was over he was quoted as saying "There is nothing left, but to get drunk."

James Buchanan

President Buchanan served from 1857-1861. He was also a very heavy drinker, and reports say that he could consume several bottles of alcohol over the course of one evening. It's also reported that he was a functioning alcoholic, as he could hold his liquor and rarely displayed signs of drinking too much.

Ulysses S. Grant

President Grant held office from 1869-1877. He did not use drugs, but was a heavy drinker and tobacco smoker. It's said during one battle of the Civil War, Grant smoked 20 cigars in one day. He eventually died of throat cancer.

For the second half of this presidential list, including information about Obama, Nixon, Clinton, and more, be sure to click here. If you or a loved one need help with addiction, keep reading to see how Legacy Freedom Treatment Center can help your you beat substance abuse in 2017.

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