The Presidential List of Drinkers, Smokers, and Users

Drug Rehab Columbus OH Welcome back to our next installment. We're listing all of the past US Presidents that either drank, smoked, or used drugs. Did you miss our last post? Click here to read about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and more.

We're going to round out the list with information about Nixon, Obama, Clinton, and more. Keep reading to find out who else made our list. Are you searching for the best drug rehab Columbus OH services for addiction problems? Is so, call Legacy Freedom. We are here to help you beat addiction in 2017! Call today to learn more about our holistic treatment options!

The Big List of Presidents Who Drink, Smoke, and Use Drugs

Chester A. Arthur

Chester A. Arthur, the US President from 1881-1885, was known to be a very a heavy drinker. So much so that it negatively impacted his health.

Grover Cleveland

From 1885 to 1889, Grover Cleveland was the President of the United States. There's historical reports that President Cleveland drank between 4 and 8 beers each day. He had a nice beer belly because of it.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

The US President from 1933 through 1945 was Franklin D Roosevelt. He drank some, but did not overly do it. He preferred scotch or brandy.

Harry S. Truman

President Truman served from 1945 - 1953. He also drank in moderation. His preference was either to drink wine or bourbon.

John F. Kennedy

Some say that J.F.K. liked to party. He was known to drink and smoke cigars. Rumors say that he even dabbled in LSD and marijuana. Heck, his dad was a big-time bootlegger during the prohibition era. That's how their family got so rich.

Lyndon B. Johnson

From 1963 to 1969, Lyndon B. Johnson was our nation's president. He was only a social drinker and and did not use drugs.

Richard M. Nixon

Nixon served from 1969-1974. He was drank frequently, mostly during the evenings.

Gerald R. Ford

President Ford was a social drinker. His drink of choice? Gin and tonic. Ford was also a heavy smoker. He smoked up to 8 pipes of tobacco every day.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was the President from 1993-2001. As a young man, he admitted to smoking marijuana, but insisted that he never inhaled. There's also unverified rumors that say Clinton also used cocaine, but nothing substantial.

George W. Bush

W. did not use drugs or heavily drink while in office. However, he did like to party before he became president. In fact, some say that use used cocaine during his younger days and that he also was a heavy drinker.

Barack H. Obama

President Obama is last on our list. He served from 2009-2016. During his presidency, he was not known to use drugs or drink excessively. However, he did apparently use marijuana, cocaine, and sometimes drank heavily as a younger man. He also smoked cigarettes, but his wife made him quit before running for the Oval Office.

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