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Prescription Drug Safety | Legacy Freedom - Drug Rehab in Columbus

Did you know that over 2,500 teens begin abusing prescription drugs every day? We wanted to put together a list of things that you can do around your home to help your child not become part of that statistic. Let us know if we missed something in the comments below - or, if you have a tip to share that could save a life, please do so ... we'd love to hear them. If someone you know is suffering from substance abuse, have them call Legacy Freedom Drug Rehab in Columbus OH. Our staff would love to help you get your life back. drug rehab in columbus

1. Keep a Written Inventory of Your Medications
This includes your spouse and all other family members living with you. Knowledge is power and keeping track of the quantity of your household's pills, drugs and prescriptions is really very important. Using this method will help you figure out if anything is missing and help reduce teen abuse. This will also serve as a deterrent because your kids will know that you are keeping track.

2. Lock'em Up
This is such a simple concept, yet many people do not do this. Locking up your prescription meds not only serves as a physical deterrent, but you can typically tell if someone tries to break in. This should help prevent your kids from abusing drugs. If you're using a key lock mechanism, make sure to keep the key with you at all times. If you are using a combination/code lock, then switch the code periodically to avoid possible tampering.

3. Know the Friends and Their Parents
And talk to them about prescription drug abuse! This can be tricky, we get that. It's not easy to just walk up to someone and start talking about drug addiction. But think about this - what if it could save a life? When you're comfortable, talk to your kids' friend’s parents about teenage prescription drug abuse. Be sure to let the parents know about these tips as they, like so many, may have not thought about them.

4. Proper Disposal
Proper disposal of expired and unused medication is also very important. If done incorrectly, you could do unintentional harm to your kids. By keeping excess prescription drugs around your home, you could have curious teens fighting the temptation to try them, or trying them with friends. Please make sure to dispose of medications properly as soon as you realize that they are no longer of any use to you. Click the link above, or call your local pharmacy to learn more proper disposal tips.

Together, we can help fight addiction! If you, or someone you love, is fighting substance abuse and dependency, please call Legacy Freedom of Columbus. Our alcohol and drug rehab in Columbus OH can help. We specialize in helping those with addiction get their life back. Call today!

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