Preparing for Holiday Triggers

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Are you worried about how the holidays might go this year? Those that are fresh out of a Charlotte drug and alcohol treatment center or dealing with an ongoing recovery venture might have some reservations about spending time with family and friends in a situation that often brings up old memories. In addition, most holiday parties offer alcohol and other situations that aren't great for recovering addicts to be around.

Sometimes, holidays force you to be around events or people that previously enabled your addictive behavior. It’s important to role play those situations so that you will be prepared. You might have to turn down substances that you can no longer partake in. Practice saying no.

Finding a way to say no, that makes you feel comfortable, is key. Sometimes we have trouble saying no to friends and family. Unfortunately, when drugs or alcohol are involved in the refusal, things get a bit difficult. Of course, you want to say no for many reasons, but worrying that your family member or friend will take your refusal the wrong way can add even more stress. Practicing a way to say no that feels right and makes your intentions clear is the best way to face this situation. Practicing saying no will help to make it sound less forced or anxious in the heat of the moment.

Also be prepared for family members to discuss their accomplishments they’ve achieved throughout the year. They’ll expect you to share your accomplishments, as well. This alone is a trigger that can cause even the most seasoned recovering addict to feel uncomfortable. It’s hard to discuss accomplishments when every day sober is an accomplishment that should be celebrated day by day. If you've just completed time at a Charlotte drug and alcohol treatment center and have been sober for a few weeks, consider it an accomplishment. You might not feel comfortable sharing this information, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't feel proud. Take that accomplishment you don't feel comfortable sharing and use it to make yourself feel better. After all, accomplishments are for you alone; no one else.

Remember, dealing with holiday triggers is only a matter of preparation. Make sure you're prepared for any questions, situations, or other things that might come at you during the holidays. Even if you don't have a response for every possible situation, prepare yourself for that, as well.

For more tips that will help you prepare for spending time with family and friends during the holidays, visit back with our Charlotte drug and alcohol treatment center soon!

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