Prepare Yourself for Holiday Triggers

For most people in the world, the holidays are a time to be happy and enjoy the blessings of life. There is a select group of people that dread these times of the year because they bring back bad memories from a traumatic event. A certain holiday could even be the anniversary of this tragedy. Some people have no family or friends to the spend the holiday season with, while others are separated by circumstances so these people can get very lonely, sad, and depressed. If you are a recovering addict, or alcoholic, then this disease just adds an extra layer of complexity. Just know that you have help. Legacy Freedom has an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment center in Raleigh NC, Charlotte NC and Columbus OH that can help you or your loved one navigate the holiday madness. Please call us right now to talk to a counselor. We put a list of suggestions together to help you deal with holiday triggers that you might face. Use these as coping methods instead of turning to drugs and alcohol.

Bah Humbug - Who says you have to celebrate at all? This will be almost impossible if you are in recovery and have children, but if you don't have kids then you do have other options. Use this flexibility to not celebrate at all and do something fun and different. Find something that you can focus on that will make you forget about the things you're missing or don't have. Go on a mini vacation to somewhere tropical if you can afford it. That will work wonders for your wellbeing. Just be prepared for other people to ask about your plans and rehearse your answer ahead of time. I know that sounds silly, but rehearsing what you're going to say ahead of time will help you be better prepared in stressful situations. drug and alcohol treatment center in raleigh NC

If you're not really sure of what to say, or how to answer these questions into your personal life, try a few of these - “Getting some much needed rest and relaxation!”, “Catching up on work around the house” or “Going on a vacation.” Sometimes you might feel a little annoyed with the people that have plans constantly asking you about yours, just know that this type of talk is perfectly okay and socially acceptable. People are going to ask what you are doing for the holidays, so just be as prepared as you can to answer them.

Alternative Arrangements - Cannot be around your family for several nights in a row? Maybe you do not want to be around your family during the holidays because they enable you. Make alternative plans with people that are kind of in the same situation. If you have any friends, or colleagues that are from another country, celebrate different cultural holidays, or have no plans, invite them over and create your own celebration. Learn about their holiday traditions and do something different. It can be really empowering to give traditional holidays your own special meaning.

Know Your Trigger Zones - Knowing is winning half the battle upfront. You should make a list of all the holiday triggers that you can think of. If any of your current plans involve interacting with any one of these triggers, then you should make other plans and avoid them altogether. If you find that an event is unavoidable, at least you know what you are going to be getting yourself into and you can prepare accordingly.

Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center In Raleigh NC

Legacy Freedom now has drug and alcohol treatment centers in Raleigh NC, Charlotte NC and Colubus OH. Our alternative techniques will help you kick addiction out of your life. Check out our success stories. If you or someone you know has an issue with alcohol, or other substances in the Triangle, please call our drug and alcohol treatment center in Raleigh NC.

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