Pre-Wedding Depression

Columbus, OH depression treatmentYou said 'yes,' picked a dress, booked a venue and your honeymoon. All of these exciting changes should have you beaming from ear to ear. For many brides, however, the countdown to their wedding day isn't all sunshine and roses. Whether the stress of planning all the details, dealing with new family drama or your overwhelming anxiety has kicked in, wedding day blues are a very real thing.

If you are prone to depression and have let your depression treatment slide with the hustle and bustle of the wedding planning and pre-wedding events, an appointment with our therapist needs to be on the top of your to-do list. Call Legacy for Columbus, OH depression treatment you can trust. Ensuring that you are mentally and emotionally ready for your big day is as important as making sure you look great in your dress. Traveling for your honeymoon or destination wedding can take its toll on your mental health so be sure you check out our blog on traveling with mental illness.

Finding yourself reaching for tissues or avoiding wedding planning altogether? Here are some ways to beat the blues before you say your 'I do's:

  • Take a Bride Break - If you have been hitting the planning hard and heavy, chances are you feel like you are caught in the eat - sleep - work - plan cycle. Schedule yourself a break. Whether you sneak off for a much needed massage, get your hair done, lock yourself in a float tank or go out with girlfriends, take a break from planning, talking or thinking about the wedding. Spending a day, or a weekend, away from all the details can help rejuvenate you and may even bring clarity as to exactly who you should sit weird Uncle Walter next to at dinner.
  • Tear Up Your To-Do List - And share it with your beloved, your mother, your wedding planner and your bridal party. Give them specific instructions and ask them to follow up with you once it's been done. Once you have delegated your remaining to-do's, take the time to focus on the things that truly only you can do, like getting the marriage license,  last dress fittings, finalizing special gifts and packing for your honeymoon.
  • Dream Your Day - When the planning stress gets to be too much, and you can't focus on all the details, imagine it in your head. If you can see what your perfect day looks like you can work in reverse, making sure all those details are covered. This is also an excellent way to do a final checklist.
  • Bridal Boot Camp for the Win - In the weeks leading up to your wedding, depression and stress can have you reaching for the ice cream and comfort foods and retreating to your bedroom. Instead of another Hallmark Channel movie, enlist a friend to help you get out and get moving. Sign up for a bridal boot camp, try some fun new fitness classes or take your partner-to-be to some dance lessons. Exercise increases the hormones in your brain that make you feel good naturally.

Affordable Columbus, OH Depression Treatment You Can Trust

Focus on the big picture and keep in mind that in the end, if the napkins were a half a shade off or the band plays the wrong song, your day will still be a wonderful celebration of you and the love you have for your partner. If you, or someone you love, struggle with depression, Legacy Freedom of Columbus can help. Our holistic approach to mental health care is unlike any other plan of care you have tried. Our dedicated team of therapists and clinicians are focused on you and your mental, physical and spiritual needs. To learn more about our Columbus, OH depression treatment, please browse our website or call today!

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