Pot Smokers Cut Back,Turn Into Pot Smoking Parents

wilmington drug and alcohol treatment centerAs marijuana smoking and usage becomes more culturally acceptable many people aren't hanging up their bongs when they bring home the baby. Studies show that parents decrease their marijuana usage once the bundle of joy arrives. However, a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that 7.4 percent of Americans in the 12 to 17-year-old age group smoked marijuana, while 8 percent of 35 to 44-year-olds smoked marijuana regularly. For the first time, the number of parents who are using marijuana regularly may surpass the number of teenagers who get high. If you're searching for a Wilmington drug and alcohol treatment center you can trust, call Legacy Freedom.

The University of Washington's Social Development Research Group (SDRG) has begun to study marijuana usage between non-parents and parents. The study found that parents are basing their marijuana use off the use of their adolescent children. According to scientists, the problem with that is that teenagers lack the ability to use responsibly. Medical professionals have weighed in on the subject and urge parents not to use marijuana around their kids to prevent modeling behavior.

In general, studies show that more non-parents than parents are using marijuana, but with the legalization of marijuana and the attitudes surrounding it turning from negative to positive, many parents don't see a need to give it up. An even more interesting finding shows that those who are aged 55 to 64 are lighting up more often than teenagers and their parents combined. Since 2002, those ages 55 to 64 have increased their marijuana used 455 percent and those over the age of 65 are clocking in with a 333 percent growth in use. The reason for the jump? As access to medical marijuana becomes available throughout more states, seniors are trading in prescriptions for pot.

Seniors are seeking to control their prescription drug costs by opting for alternative forms of pain management and sleeplessness. Marijuana is an accessible option for those who live in states where it has already been made legal. If the usage trend continues in this way, senior citizens will trump teenagers as the nation's largest consumers of marijuana. If you have a pot addiction, Legacy can help. We're the top Wilmington drug and alcohol treatment center.

Still, physicians caution parents, and now grandparents, about the effects of smoking marijuana on children and teens. A study being conducted by the division chief of general pediatrics at Mount Sinai in New York found that children who were exposed to secondhand marijuana smoke tested positive for the drug themselves via a urine test. No medical study or scientific evidence outlines the side effects of exposing to secondhand marijuana smoke or vapor.

That fact worries many physicians as more states work to make the drug legal. Federal laws classifying marijuana as illegal make it difficult for scientists and researchers to conduct studies and clinical trials to evaluate the effects of the smoke on children. Many physicians rely on studies which have been done on rats which show that marijuana smoke is just as dangerous as cigarette smoke. In fact, doctors advise parents and caregivers to smoke outside the home and the car; keeping the smoke away from children. Pediatricians fear that those children who are exposed are at increased risk for asthma and other respiratory illnesses in addition to viral infections and chronic conditions like heart disease or strokes as adults.

Mom and Dad lighting up is more likely to continue after children enter the picture if they didn't start using marijuana until they were young adults. Parents whose partner uses marijuana are more likely to resume using or begin using. This leads researchers at the University of Washington to believe that in order to curb parents' usage the substance abuse needs to be addressed in both partners and the positive attitude towards marijuana should be reduced.

Holistic Wilmington Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center | Legacy Freedom

Holistic Wilmington Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center If you, or someone you love, struggle with an addiction to marijuana, Legacy Freedom can help. Our holistic approach to substance abuse treatment is unlike any other program you have ever tried. We are not a twelve step program. We believe on focusing on you, not just your addiction. Our staff puts you at the center of everything we do.

Together with your Life-Purpose coach, your care team will create a care plan designed with you in mind. Healing your body, mind, and spirit begins with a visit with our on-staff dietician and physical therapist. Through proper nutrition and regular exercise, your body will start to break free of your addiction.

Identifying the root cause of your addiction helps you understand why you use. Whether you are seeking to numb the pain of a painful loss, cope with PTSD or are struggling with an undiagnosed mental illness, your therapist will work with you one-on-one to understand why you really use. Group therapy allows you to connect with your peers and find the support you need to work on your addiction and remain sober outside the Legacy Freedom facility. Having the support of friends and family is key to successful recovery. Helping them heal and learn about your addiction means that your network of support is strong.

Alternative therapies are utilized by Legacy Freedom of Wilmington to help you learn to cope or set healthy boundaries for yourself as you journey towards living a sober lifestyle. With more than 10 different therapies to choose from, your Life-Purpose coach will help you choose the therapy that fits your needs and intersts. Learn more about our alternative therapy options on our website.

Asking for help is the most difficult part of your journey towards sobriety. Whether you have tried recovery before and failed or you are ready to break the grip of addiction on your life Legacy Freedom can help. We don't judge. We are here to heal you and give you back your life. Filled with purpose, hope and health. Stop living in the cycle of addiction and call or click to connect with a Wilmington drug and alcohol treatment center you can trust!

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