Why Do Pot Smokers Celebrate on April 20?

Greensboro NC Drug RehabHave you ever heard of 420? If so, you realize how popular the day is for many people who smoke marijuana all over the world. It’s also a term used by those actively smoking pot. However, what you might not know is where the day got its name and why. In our previous blog post we talked about a group of friends in California who actually coined the 420 name. We also talked about how it became popular. What we didn't discuss is why. For affordable Greensboro NC drug rehab and alcohol treatment, be sure to call Legacy Freedom!

Why Pot Smokers Celebrate April 20

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, in 1971 a group of friends called the Waldos began meeting at 4:20 PM to smoke marijuana. Technically, that wasn't the only reason they were meeting. At that time, there was supposedly a marijuana farm in Point Reyes California. The Coast Guard was responsible for guarding it, but they were forced to abandon it sometime in 1971.

The Waldos decided that they would meet up at 4:20 PM to not only smoke marijuana, but also search around for Point Reyes. They were fascinated with the idea of finding this marijuana field. But, they looked for several weeks with no luck. They never found the field of free pot, but they did continue using 420 as a way to meet each other while keeping their pot smoking a secret from parents, teachers and other friends.

You might be wondering how this story caused all of the ruckus about 420 and how widely known it is today. If you'll remember in our last post, we talked about one of the Waldos members becoming friends with Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh. As we mentioned, the musician learned the phrase from the Waldos group and then shared it with bandleader Jerry Garcia. At that point, they began touring the globe for 35 years, smoking marijuana and calling it 420.

No matter how popular the term became, or how many times this story has been told, no one has ever found the pot field in Point Reyes. It’s possible no one ever will. It’s also likely the field never existed.

Today, you can find the number 420 in the most amazing places. If you've ever seen the movie Pulp Fiction, you may have noticed that all the clocks onset were set to 420. Also, the bill that allowed medical marijuana to be used legally in California was called State Bill 420. Denver Colorado's interstate mile marker 420 was stolen so many times that it was replaced in recent times with mile marker 419.99 to keep it in its place.

As interesting as the story is, it's important to understand that marijuana is still a drug. Although it is legal in various states now in the US, that doesn't take away from this fact. It's important to use this story to bring awareness to that fact, as well. Marijuana can cause many major health issues as well as addiction and more. We hope this story brings a little humor to your day, but we also hope it helps you bring awareness to the fact that marijuana can be addictive and dangerous.

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