Is Marijuana Actually Medicine?

The short answer is ... debatable. There are studies that are available that report this drug contains useful chemicals for treating certain symptoms and illnesses. There are many debates going on across the country where people are arguing this very same topic because of these reports. Since several states have legalized marijuana for certain medical conditions, 20 to be exact, the debate has become a very hot topic, nationwide. September is National Substance Abuse Recovery month. Legacy Freedom wants you to know that our drug rehab Raleigh NC facility is here to help you, or your loved ones take the first step toward recovery. Reach out for help today and give us a call.

When the media speaks in terms of “medical marijuana”, they are generally referring to the whole unprocessed, highly potent marijuana plant, or its crude chemical extracts. These plants and extracts are not recognized, or approved as medicine, by the FDA. Over the past few decades, scientists have been studying the active chemicals in marijuana to see if there are any positive side effects. These chemicals are referred to as cannabinoids. In an controlled environment, the cannabinoids can be beneficial in certain treatments. Because of these findings, the FDA has approved two medications, based on these cannabinoids. New pharmaceuticals are also harnessing the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids and eliminating the harmful side effects of the drug. This includes the high, or stoned feeling, that comes with eating or smoking the drug.

“Medical” vs. “Street” Marijuana Drug Rehab Raleigh

In reality, the two types of marijuana are the same. Although in some cases, the marijuana sold in dispensaries as medicine might be more potent. Overall, the drugs are the same and will carry all the same health risks as the marijuana sold on the streets.

However, there is peak interest in a new drug referred to as cannabidiol (CBD). Some have found positive results treating childhood epilepsy. These strains have a higher CBD to THC ratio making them undesirable to the marijuana abuser. This is because the high CBD qualities almost eliminate the psychoactive characteristics of the drug, producing no "high".

We still want to make it known that there are no safe illegal drugs. Some drugs may carry some positive medical characteristics but only if they are carried out under the supervision of a physician in a controlled environment. If you, or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse, please call Legacy Freedom. Our drug rehab Raleigh NC facility has a caring staff ready to treat your sickness. Addiction is a disease. Get the help you need by calling us today.

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