Dealing with Postpartum Depression at the Holidays

Charlotte, NC Depression TreatmentFeeling extra stress or pressure at the holidays is normal. With added social events, family gatherings to host, and holiday shopping to do, most people tend to feel a bit overwhelmed. However, when you are struggling with postpartum depression or anxiety, you may feel like skipping the holidays altogether. These feelings are understandable. Many mothers who have struggled with postpartum depression have vague memories at best of the holidays after their baby was born. Watching everyone celebrating and experiencing the joy of the season around you can make you feel even further disconnected. If you're feeling sad this holiday because of PPD, call Legacy Freedom. We offer affordable Charlotte, NC depression treatment and we can help you get past this.

The daily struggle you have to get up out of bed, care for your child and your family doesn't go away during this festive time of year. In fact, older children are probably excited about family traditions and holiday events. Their joy may seem overwhelming at times for you. Getting through the holiday season can be difficult. Here are some tips for coping with postpartum depression during the holidays:

Rely on Your Partner: Confide in your spouse or partner when you begin to feel overwhelmed. Whether the idea of attending the family gathering is too much or you aren't sure you can brave the trip to the mall to take the kids to see Santa, be honest. No one will be angry with you for being vocal about your needs. Take breaks from the celebrations when you need to and permit yourself to say no when necessary.

Ask for Help: Your close family members who know you are struggling have probably offered time and time again to help. Let them pitch in to make your holidays tolerable. Whether it's finishing your last minute shopping for you or taking over hosting the Christmas Eve festivities, let those who love you lend a hand. Showing up and being present is enough.

Make a List of Priorities: Choose the things about the season that bring you joy and focus on them. Reading a favorite book by the tree, baking cookies, or wrapping gifts with special touches may bring a quiet happiness to your holidays without inducing a sense of fear or panic. Be willing to let go of those small details that no one notices and turn your attention towards finding peace during the season.

The holidays are challenging for those who struggle with all types of depression. At Legacy Freedom, we know that getting through each day when you have postpartum depression can be exhausting. Taking care of yourself and your mental health is essential. Mustering the energy to ask for help or being honest about your thoughts and feelings is incredibly brave. We'll talk about this in our next post. Take a look by clicking here.

Affordable Charlotte, NC Depression Treatment For Women With PPD

Our experienced and compassionate staff wants to help you overcome your feelings of sadness this holiday season and find small joys. Learning to cope with your postpartum depression in a new way can help you move past this challenging time in your life and on to better and brighter days. Utilizing a holistic approach to your mental health care allows us to combine alternative therapy methods with traditional talk therapy to create a unique care plan that is focused on you, not your depression.

Learn more about our Charlotte, NC depression treatment here at Legacy Freedom on our blog. When you're ready to take control of your life and work through your depression, we are here to help. Call or click to connect with Legacy of Charlotte and begin your journey to overcoming your postpartum depression today.

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