Returning Home: Post Trip Depression

Depression Therapy in Columbus, OHYou've spent the last week dipping your toes in the ocean, lying on the beach and eating like royalty, but the time has come to pack up and head home. While many people look forward to returning to a normal schedule and getting back to reality, some people find themselves wishing they were back on the beach in a big way.

Before you trade your flip flops for loafers or flats, ask yourself what the real issue is that's making you depressed. Taking this chance to re-evaluate things in your life can be eye opening.

  • Going Back to Work - If returning to work has you wanting to pack the car back up and hit the road then maybe it's time to evaluate your current position. Are the hours making it difficult for you to spend time with your family? Are you feeling unappreciated? Have changes in the industry, or your company, made your job less than fulfilling? Answering these questions is important. Rather than accepting that the job you are doing is what you do, your hesitation to return might be telling you something. A study conducted by Ohio State showed that people who reported consistently low job satisfaction were more likely to suffer from depression.
  • Avoiding Your Bank Account - Everyone overspends a little on vacation, but if you feel like you are constantly playing catch up then you may need to take a harder look at the state of your finances. Avoiding your money issues won't make them go away, and can actually make the problem worse. Financial difficulty is closely linked to depression and instances of suicide. If you feel that you are unable to cope with the depression about your financial situation, seek help immediately.
  • Late Nights and Early Mornings - Your brain requires adequate rest to function properly, without it memory suffers, the ability to intake new information slows down and the risk of depression increases. Dreading the alarm clock and the daily grind can be indicative that you are not getting enough rest. Adjusting your schedule even slightly can make a big difference in how you feel and the quality of rest that you are getting.
  • Too Much Connection - In the age of social media where people share their toast, their trips, and their toddlers, the return to social media can seem overwhelming. While it's great to connect with friends and family, social media can invite stress and depression into your life. If tuning out from Facebook and Instagram for a few days made you feel better, try limiting your social media consumption upon your return. Trust us; there will be other people tweeting toast for your friends to look at.
  • Your Neighborhood - While many people don't realize it, where you live has a large affect on your mood. City dwellers who deal with commuting traffic or overcrowded public transportation each day are more likely to report feelings of depression. Finding yourself constantly dreaming of the mountain air or a house with a yard can indicate that you are ready for a change.

Depression Therapy in Columbus, OH You Can Trust!

If your depression has been ongoing, it is time to reach out. Legacy Freedom offers holistic depression therapy in Columbus, OH to help you cope with your depression. Through the combination of traditional talk and group therapy and alternative therapies, we help you create a customized care plan to address your physical, mental and emotional needs. Break the cycle of depression with Legacy Freedom of Columbus. Call or click today to connect with one of our mental health specialists.



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