Is It Possible to Stay Sober During Spring Break?

alcohol and drug rehab in columbus ohSpring break is a great time of the year for most young people, but for those in recovery, this time of the year can be a real challenge. Not only does spring break interrupt their school routine and schedules, but it can also be a huge chance to relapse if the person in recovery is not careful. After all, being sober does not mean you have to be boring, and most everyone likes to have a good time and have fun, but on the other hand, being sober means constantly making the right choices to always have a high success rate maintaining your sobriety. So how does a person in addiction recovery get through the break sober without it being boring, which can also be a trigger?

Some think this can be a really tough question to answer, but not really. Even though partying and spring break go hand and hand in the U.S., there are several sober options that you can choose. Thanks to the counselors at Legacy Freedom's center for alcohol and drug rehab in Columbus OH, we put together this list of ideas that should help any young person that is struggling with sobriety have a fun and exciting spring break this year.

Have a Plan and a Budget

The first thing you have to do is figure out your budget and then make a plan. Your plan is key. This how you make the choices to put yourself in the best location to stay sober. Some people in recovery can be around others that are drinking and be OK, while others find these situations too tempting and would consider them a serious trigger, therefore your plan should be based around your comfort levels. For instance, if you think you will be too anxious to be around other people that are constantly drinking and partying, then maybe you should book a spa getaway, or go on a camping trip with other sober people.

Here are a few other things to consider when making your relapse prevention plan. Always be aware of how your triggers will be intertwined with your plan. There might be some instances that are unavoidable, but you should really go out of your way to make a plan that avoids as many of your triggers as possible.

Have Support

Part of your plan is making sure you have a reliable support group set up. Make a few calls, let a few of your sober friends and family know that you're going on spring break and that you might need to lean on them for support at some point during your trip. Make sure the people in your support group are dependable and that they love and care about your sobriety. You'll always need people in your corner to help pull you through the hard times and dark days.

See the Big Picture

The big picture here is that even though you are in recovery, you can still have fun. Fun is what you make of it. If you do some solid research, think things through, plan accordingly, and have a positive attitude then you'll have a great spring break trip.

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