The Popularity of Alcohol at Sporting Events

 Columbus OH alcohol rehab center Fall is a big time of the year for sports of all types. Baseball is winding down, football is in full-force, and hockey is right around the corner. Millions of people will be flocking to the stadiums to tailgate and watch their favorite teams.

Unfortunately, most people attending these games will also be consuming alcoholic beverages. There is an undeniable correlation between alcohol and sports as if the two go hand-in-hand. If you, or someone you know needs a Columbus OH alcohol rehab center, please call Legacy Freedom for help.

The rules regarding the sale of alcohol vary widely among the stadiums throughout the United States. Some collegiate stadiums do not permit the sale of alcohol inside the stadium, but do allow for fans to drink in the parking area, whereas most professional sports stadiums both sell during the game and allow drinking in parking areas. Eating and drinking in the parking areas is most commonly known as tailgating.

Cold brews and sports have long been connected, for both fans and athletes alike. However, this connection has a dark side. A recent study from the University of Minnesota found that as fans leave games, 40% of them had measurable levels of alcohol in their systems, and 8% were considered legally drunk. When you multiple these percentages with the millions upon millions of people attending all sorts of sporting events across the country, the numbers really become alarming. This study also found that the alcohol laws and guidelines at stadiums were not always enforced.

Alcohol consumption at sporting events can be found both inside and outside of the stadium. The study referenced above found that while those fans who tailgate are in the minority, only 18%, they were 14 times more likely to get drunk compared to the fans that waited to drink until they were in the stadium.

Alcohol abuse does not just affect the fans. In professional locker rooms, beer is sometimes readily available. For instance, in 2007 St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock was charged with being legally drunk after he crashed his car following a game and subsequently died from sustained injuries.

It is highly unlikely that sporting event stadiums will ban the sale or consumption of alcohol from tailgate areas, games, and locker rooms, however it is important to always realize that abusing alcohol, or other substances, in any capacity is dangerous. You can create harmful situations for yourself and everyone around you. Even though drinking and sports seem to be inseparable, remember you can have fun without getting drunk.

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