Can Hitting the Pool Improve Your Mental Health?

Columbus mental health servicesDid you know that hitting the pool could improve your mental health? Now that summer has settled into the Columbus area, you can beat the heat, improve your physical health, and take care of your mental health all with a trip to the pool. It's no secret that there are vast psychological health benefits to regular exercise. Swimming just three times a week for 30 minutes can improve your mood, reduce stress levels, enhance your sleep patterns, and lower occurrences of anxiety and depression. If you need Columbus mental health services this summer, please call Legacy now for help.

Many people experience a sense of calm or peacefulness when they are near the water. Getting outside and soaking up the natural light from the sun can also help boost your mood. The benefits of swimming don't end there.

Here are some more ways that getting in the pool can help you keep yourself mentally healthy:

The Feel Good Chemical
Endorphins are your body's natural feel-good chemical. When you exercise, this chemical is released in your brain. Being immersed in water also boosts the blood flow to your brain which improves your mental health by delivering an increase in nutrients and glucose to the mind. Taking a swim boosts your mood and can chase away the summertime blues. It can also help you fight off dementia according to new research.

Sink Your Anxiety
The color blue is seen as a soothing color that calms anxious thoughts and improves concentration. The sea, sky, and swimming pools are all blue and merely being around this color can reduce your feelings of panic and stress.

Make a Connection
It's no secret that summertime is a busy time. You can go swimming alone, but the very nature of the pool in the summer encourages you to socialize. For those who are struggling with depression or feeling lonely, going to the pool and getting in an excellent physical workout also offers the added benefit of social interaction. Opting to take a water-based workout class rather than just swimming laps can help you meet new people and banish feelings of loneliness and depression.

Best 2018 Columbus Mental Health Services

If hitting the pool this summer isn't doing enough to improve your mental health, Legacy Freedom can help. Thousands of clients have found the answers to their mental health issues with our holistic approach to psychological well-being. By combining traditional talk therapy with alternative treatment methods, we offer our clients an outpatient therapy option that is tailored to their needs, goals, and interests. With more than ten different alternative treatments to choose from, our staff can help you learn positive ways to cope with your stress, depression, or anxiety.

Getting started with quality mental health care is easy. Our care team is ready to connect with you via phone or website chat. We know that asking for help is scary. At Legacy Freedom, we are here to help, not judge. The confidential and compassionate mental health care you've been looking for is waiting for you at Legacy Freedom.

Call or click today to begin your healing journey with reliable Columbus mental health services!

Join us next time for more ways that swimming benefits your mental health.


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