Planning a Sober Spring Break

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It is that time of the year where spring break and vacation planning are at the top of most young people's list. If you are battling addiction and are still planning a spring break trip, just know that there are ways that you can ensure your sobriety remains intact throughout your entire vacation. Recovering from a substance abuse problem can be especially difficult for people of all ages during times of celebration, and our alcohol and drug rehab in Raleigh NC can help you. Our holistic and alternative techniques help you deal with these triggers by developing positive coping skills. Call us today to learn more.

In today's post, we are going to discuss a few steps that you can take to prevent the possibility of relapse while on your spring break vacation trip. We hope these ideas can help you have a safer, more comfortable experience, and have fun at the same time.

Pick the Right Destination

The best way to avoid running into a relapse situation is by choosing the right location. Picking the best destination point can really make all the difference in the world in whether you are going to be having a lot of fun, or be plain miserable and anxious the entire time. Think of places that will make you less inclined to drink, and places that offer lots of fun activities that suit your personality. Some locations do not even allow alcohol onsite, like lots of state and national parks where family camping sites are located. Try to avoid the typical college party destinations and really get out there and see the world. You can choose locations from the mountains, to the coast, and everywhere in between.

If you cannot afford to take a trip out of town and are staying in town, you should plan out a lot of new activities to keep you busy.

Stay Busy with New Activities

After you've had a chance to pick your location of choice, whether staying locally or traveling, start to plan out your activity list. You do not want to have a lot of free time and should maximize the time you are there to do, and see, as much as you possibly can. Being bored on your vacation can trigger those feelings that we are trying to avoid.

Do some internet research on your destination and make a list of the cool things that you want to do each day and night. Whether it's horseback riding, learning how to surf, taking a cooking class, learning woodworking skills, or volunteering, the busier you are during your vacation, the less likely you are to think about using.

Also, having all of your activities planned ahead of time can relieve a lot stress. It will also free up a lot of time for you to do the things on your list. Now you have all of your research completed and are free to just enjoy yourself. That being said, make sure to work in your daily sober routine into the trip. If you typically workout three days a week, make sure you get those three days in while on your trip. A regulated schedule is always a benefit to your sobriety.

Alternative Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Raleigh NC

Now is the time for you to really decide to get the help you need from our center for alcohol and drug rehab in Raleigh NC. We really want to help you get sober. Our counselors are ready to help  you recover from the addiction problems that are ruining your life. At Legacy Freedom Treatment Center, we offer an alternative approach to recovery and we only use holistic treatment programs that have been proven to work. Live life without a crutch, end your addiction problems by getting the help you deserve. If you are ready to finally make a positive step toward sobriety - call us today for top notch alcohol and drug rehab in Raleigh NC.

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