What You Need to Know About “Pink,” the New Deadly Drug on the Streets

drug rehab in Wilmington NCWhen you hear the word “pink” coming out of the mouths of teenagers, you may think they’re referring to the pink-haired pop star, but that’s not the case these days. Pink is the new drug of choice for teenagers because it’s cheap and easy to get.

But it’s also more deadly than any other drug on the market. For alternative substance abuse help, be sure to call Legacy Freedom. We offer a holistic approach to drug rehab in Wilmington NC that you'll not find anywhere else. Call today to learn more.

The New Deadly Drug Called Pink

The drug itself isn’t actually new; it surfaced around the same time bath salts gained popularity. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) filed to have the drug banned but it took until just this month for it to make the list. Four states didn’t wait around for the DEA to ban it and have already outlawed pink in their states. They are Florida, Ohio, Wyoming and Georgia.

Even though the drug has made the list of banned controlled substances, it’s still easy to get. Someone interested in purchasing it doesn’t even have to roam the streets looking for a dealer. He or she can just order it online like it was a new video game. Because it’s such an easy transaction, many states aren’t even aware of the drug. Now that the DEA has classified it as a banned substance, it has gotten more exposure.

What exactly is pink?
A team of scientists created the synthetic opioid in the 1970s and called it U-47700. The “U” in the name of the pharmaceutical company who developed it, Upjohn. They were trying to make a drug that treated severe pain without the potential to become addictive.

Most opioids are known for causing users to become dependent on them. They wanted to make a better alternative to drugs such as morphine, which have additive qualities. After development, the drug was never tested on humans and the project was shelved. However, the patent was widely available, which gave drugs labs the “recipe” to make it. Most of the drugs found in the U.S. are ordered online from countries like China.

Why is pink so deadly?
drug rehab in wilmington NCThe drug causes a euphoric high similar to any other opioid, but it’s over seven times stronger than morphine. That statistic is based on the idea that it’s produced using the exact specifications of the original formula. It’s unlikely that it would be since the manufacturers are underground operations around the world that are not regulated.

Pink can be taken orally, injected or snorted. It usually comes as a white powder, but has also been seen in liquid form. People who buy the liquid version often use nasal spray bottles or droppers in order to take it. The drug isn’t actually pink, but it got the name because many people will put the powder on their pinky finger to snort it.

Once it enters the body, it slows down the central nervous system. Like other opioids, it causes the respiratory system to slow down, but it is much stronger and can cause the user to stop breathing altogether even with just a small dose. If it is mixed with other drugs, it becomes even more deadly.

Another scary fact about pink is that if someone overdoses and Narcan, the opioid antidote, is used it may or may not work. The drug reversal drug is less effective on synthetic opiates. It has been reported in cases where it was used that multiple doses of Narcan had to be used to get a person breathing again. While the antidote is more widely available now, the number of deaths involving opioid overdoses has increased by 80 percent from 2013 to 2014, according to the Centers for Disease control (CDC).

If you are struggling with an opioid addiction, we are here to help. There is no reason to be ashamed to get help. Call Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers today to get started on a plan for drug rehab in Wilmington NC and get the help you need.

Who is at risk of using it?
There have been numerous cases of teenagers as young as 13 years old getting their hands on the drug. After a simple order online from one of the distributors in China, the drug is delivered to their home in an unmarked package a few weeks later. Parents who don’t monitor their teen’s computer usage wouldn’t know any better. The drug is cheap, making it even more appealing to teens. An order is about $30.

This fall two 13 year-old boys in Park City, Utah died within two days of each other because they tried pink. Investigators on the case reported that there were over 100 teens in that area who had referenced pink on social media, leading them to believe the situation could have been much worse. Adults in the community hadn’t heard of the drug before their deaths. They later found that another teenager may have been buying and distributing it to kids in the area. If your child needs quality drug rehab in Wilmington NC, please call Legacy Freedom.

What can we do?
As parents, it’s important to keep up with what your kids are doing, even if you think they’re too young to be interested in drugs. Monitor their computer usage, including what they’re seeing and saying on social media. Ask them about any packages they may receive.

Talk to them about drugs and encourage them to come to you if they have friends who want to experiment. Let them know the dangers of trying drugs, especially drugs that have come from other countries. Explain the physical consequences of taking these unknown drugs and the scary reality that they could die from even one small dose.

With over 75 people dying every day form an opioid overdose, according to the CDC, this is an epidemic that we can’t ignore.

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