Physical Symptoms of Mental Health Issues

Mental Health Therapist in Charlotte, NCDid you know that mental illnesses can manifest in physical ways? Your physical health can be impacted in a number of negative ways by your mental health. Some chronic health conditions, risk-taking behaviors, and improper diet have been traced back to the mental well-being of a person. These physical complications can lead to a shortened lifespan. Choosing to ignore the physical manifestations of mental illness puts you at higher risk for serious health complications. Here are the most common physical signs of mental illness. If you want help from a reliable mental health therapist in Charlotte, NC, reach out to Legacy Freedom for help.

Distress, depression, insomnia, and chronic fatigue can all leave you feeling drained and exhausted. Whether you are having problems getting to sleep or staying asleep, anything that interferes with your ability to get quality rest is cause for concern. For more information on the importance of sleep for your mental health, see our previous post.

Twitches and Tics
Twitches are involuntary spasms that have been linked to anxiety and mental suffering. These twitches can also be indicative of a much more serious health issue like nerve damage or multiple sclerosis. Tics are a response to a physical urge to contract your muscles but they can be linked to feelings of general anxiety or Tourette's syndrome. If either condition persists, see your primary care physician for an evaluation.

Feeling queasy or losing your appetite may be a sign that things aren't right in the mental health department. Both anxiety and depression often manifest with stomach issues.

A recent study revealed that 83% of migraine and severe headache sufferers also struggle with anxiety and depression. Both mental disorders and migraines show low levels of enzymes that are responsible for deactivating chemical signals in the brain.

The Academy of General Dentistry has linked medications that treat depression and anxiety with cavities, dry mouth, and gum disease. Oral hygiene is vital for those who take antidepressants.

Don't miss part two for more physical symptoms you should be aware of.

Best Mental Health Therapist in Charlotte, NC for 2018

You don't have to struggle with your mental health. Depression and anxiety are entirely treatable mental health disorders. Legacy Freedom of Charlotte NC has helped thousands of clients learn new ways to cope with their depression or anxiety. Taking control of your life with help from our caring and compassionate staff begins with admitting that you need help to manage your anxious thoughts or depressed feelings.

Our mental health therapist in Charlotte, NC takes a holistic approach to mental health care. This puts the root of your depression and anxiety at the center of your treatment focus. Using alternative therapy methods combined with traditional talk therapy gives our clients a multifaceted approach to their mental health care. From connecting with your therapist one-on-one to finding support among your peers and loved ones, Legacy Freedom helps you heal mind, body, and spirit.

Developing healthy coping mechanisms through alternative therapies like tai chi, equine assisted therapy, and inner child work allows you to learn real world skills to combat your negative feelings and emotions when they arise. Working with our onsite physical therapist and dietician will help you confront the physical side effects your depression and anxiety have on your overall well-being and health.

Don't waste one more day struggling with your mental and physical health. Get on the road to healing with Legacy Freedom. Call or click to connect with our care team today!


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