What’s the Difference Between Physical Dependence and Addiction?

Raleigh Alcohol Rehab CenterTo understand the difference between addiction and physical dependence you need to understand how those two terms are used. Physical dependence is used to describe a person's abuse of drugs and alcohol, while addiction is used to describe addictive behaviors like constant gambling, internet gaming, pornography viewing, or shopping. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines dependence as a collection of characteristics that take a higher priority in a person's life over previous behaviors that were more important at one time. Legacy Freedom is a Raleigh alcohol rehab center and drug treatment facility that you can trust. Please call us today.

Did you know that addiction can occur without physical dependence? Non-substance addictions have no physical dependence. Addictions to pornography, sex, gambling, or the internet have no physical dependence. On the other hand, those who are physically dependent on drugs or alcohol can experience intense symptoms as a result of their addiction. Physical dependence and addiction share the common traits of inducing compulsive behaviors and unnatural cravings.

Physical Dependence
The real problem underneath physical dependence is an addiction. There are many substances that can cause physical dependence including methamphetamines, opioids, cocaine, coffee, cigarettes, and sugar. Your body relies on an external source in order to avoid withdrawals. Caffeine addicts must seek out another cup of coffee or can of soda, or they are faced with a raging headache. Nicotine addicts need their next cigarette to keep their nerves calm, or a methamphetamine user needs their next fix to feel normal. The body's tolerance to these substances increases over time and forces you to become dependent on the external source in order to maintain equilibrium. Your dependence on these substances is the direct result of an addiction.

The intense cravings of addiction are the common thread among all addicts. From opioid addicts to caffeine addicts, uncontrollable desires motivate the addict to seek out their drug of choice. Cravings are deeply rooted in the biology of the brain and are influenced by changes in the brain. Reversing these changes and the behaviors that accompany an addiction is the basis for addiction recovery. Replacing the addictive behaviors and cravings with healthy alternative responses is essential for sobriety.

Overcoming an addiction is difficult. Breaking the physical dependence on your drug of choice can leave you feeling shattered and hopeless. Legacy Freedom understands both the physical and the mental struggles that come with overcoming an addiction of any kind. Thousands of clients have worked towards their sobriety at our Raleigh alcohol rehab center and drug treatment facility. By combining traditional talk therapy with alternative therapies, we have given our clients a treatment program that is focused on them and their needs, not just their addiction. We believe in treating and healing the whole person.

Every client is assigned a Life-Purpose coach to help you identify your goals and create a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs. During your treatment, you will receive nutritional therapy and physical therapy with our staff dietician and physical therapist. Finding support and understanding from your peers is easy in our group therapy programs. Connecting with other addicts like yourself can help you maintain your sobriety while you are away from our outpatient program. Learning new ways to cope with your mental health issues or the underlying causes of your addiction like assault, abuse, neglect, or low self esteem is essential to maintaining your sobriety for the long term.

We know that breaking your addiction to opiates without the assistance of a medication like suboxone can be nearly impossible. For clients who are addicted to opiates, Legacy Freedom offers suboxone treatments in conjunction with our holistic therapy treatment program. Medication assisted recovery can help reduce your chance of relapse and keep you on track towards living a healthy and purpose filled life.

With more than ten alternative therapies available, Legacy Freedom offers its clients the ability to create a care plan to fit their treatment goals and interests. Choose from adventure therapy, EMDR, inner child work, tai chi and more. Whether you are seeking to understand why you drink or trying to find a new way to set healthy boundaries for yourself, our alternative therapy offerings can help. Addiction doesn't have to control your life.

Raleigh Alcohol Rehab Center and Drug Treatment

At Legacy Freedom of Raleigh, we don't care how many times you have tried to stop using or how strong you think your dependence is. Our holistic approach to addiction recovery has helped addicts break some of the most complex and advanced addictions. Our care team is dedicated to helping you achieve your sobriety for the long term. We believe that by treating the whole person we have the opportunity to influence your sobriety with positive coping methods, peer support, and a deeper understanding of your addiction.

Stop letting drugs or alcohol control your life. Your recovery journey begins with a call or click to chat with our specialized team of addiction professionals at our Raleigh alcohol rehab center. The help you need to break the cycle of addiction and physical dependence in your life is waiting for you! Make a choice to get sober with Legacy Freedom today!

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