Can Animals Become Addicted To Drugs?

drug rehab in columbus OHIf I told you that animals could become addicted to drugs, would you believe me? If you're an animal lover like me, then these next two posts are really going to interest you. In the world of science, there's endless possibilities about things we do not yet understand. For some researchers, knowing if animals can get hooked on the same types of substances that humans abuse is an intriguing scientific mystery.

There's actually been several studies done over the years that will hopefully provide some insight to your curious minds. Keep reading to learn more. If you are searching for alcohol and drug rehab in Columbus OH for you or a loved one in 2017, find it by calling Legacy Freedom. You'll love our affordable, outpatient treatment programs.

Animals and Addiction - Is It Real?

In one study, rats took frequent injections of morphine or heroin for twenty days. Thanks to a self-injecting device, the rats were able to inject themselves when ever they wanted. The more the drug solution was diluted, the more the rats injected themselves. When the drug supply was completely removed, the rats displayed common withdrawal symptoms.

An Australian study found that bees can also display signs of addiction. When the bees were fed small amounts of cocaine, they would basically start lying to their hive about food supplies. This is called exaggeration. Bees remember where they find good nectar spots, and they relay that information back to their hive. Cocaine made them exaggerate those nectar amounts. Cocaine withdrawal also affected the bee's ability to distinguish between certain scents, like lemon and vanilla.

There's also evidence about horses eating locoweed to get high from its psychoactive effects. If given a choice, the horses will choose to eat locoweed instead of regular food. Once established, if locoweed is removed from their diet the horses will become easily agitated. Locoweed negatively impacts a horse's health by significantly shortening their life spans.

For more information and examples about animals and addiction, be sure to check out our next post. Are you looking for more information about addiction treatment? Want to find out how your family can get help with substance abuse in 2017? Call Legacy Freedom of Columbus OH today! Here's why!

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