How Is Period Poverty Impacting Women’s Mental Health?

Mental Health Services in CharlotteA recent study of 1,000 women found that half of them had suffered from period poverty. The lack of access to feminine hygiene products during their monthly menstruation cycle can have a far-reaching impact on young women's lives. While the studies into this phenomenon are relatively limited, the results of the initial studies show that without access to these essential sanitary products women are more likely to struggle with their mental health, struggle with financial difficulties, and have unfulfilling relationships. Legacy Freedom offers the best mental health services in Charlotte, NC for women. Call today to learn more.

Due to a lack of financial resources, many young women are unable to access the menstrual products that they need. More than two-thirds of those who participated in the survey said that they lack self-confidence and more than 39% of the respondents reported experiencing depression and anxiety. Without access to the products they need to deal with menstruation in a sanitary way, many women are unable to attend work or school. Failing to perform at work or school can limit their access to opportunities.

The impact of period poverty on a woman's future is shocking. No woman should struggle because she is unable to access the daily essentials she needs to manage her period with dignity and proper hygiene. The shame that many women feel because they are unable to purchase the tampons or pads that they need can trigger other mental health issues. Women who are unable to afford their basic necessities are also more likely to take the first job offered to them so that they can pay their bills as opposed to waiting for a position that they want or that will provide them more long-term opportunities.

For thousands of women, menstrual products remain inaccessible. Homeless women or those who are incarcerated have difficulties accessing sanitary products. Across the country, organizations are working to make these essential items more accessible to lower income women or women who don't have easy access to tampons or pads. Protecting a woman's sense of dignity during this time is crucial for a healthy mental status as well as healthy relationships. Women who struggle with period poverty are more likely to have failed relationships than those who didn't. Of those who have had difficulty obtaining the feminine hygiene products they needed, 41% said that they considered themselves unlucky in love versus the 36% who said that they were unlucky but had not struggled with period poverty.

Mental Health Services in Charlotte for Women

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