What Is The Perfect Heart Attack Drug?

Researchers seem to think that cocaine has everything the perfect heart attack drug could dream of. Even if you are a casual user and only ingest cocaine a few times a year, your risk of a heart attack greatly increases. If you're a monthly user, you can bank on already having stiffer arteries, high blood pressure, and your heart muscle has probably become thicker. Even if you are young, and an otherwise fit person, you could experience a massive heart attack if you are a cocaine user. Fall into this category and want help? Call Legacy Freedom. We have a holistic treatment center for drug rehab in Columbus OH. We can help you with your cocaine abuse or other substance abuse issues.

A new study has found that cocaine users are at a greater cardiac arrest risk than those that abstain. Even recreational cocaine users can have high risk factors due to higher blood pressure, and thicker arteries and heart muscle walls than their counterparts.

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The Australian study set out to document abnormalities in the cardiovascular system in seemingly healthy recreational users and abusers of cocaine. They looked at data produced long after the immediate effects of cocaine had worn off. The researchers used MRI technology on 20 healthy adults that used cocaine on a regular basis and 20 healthy non cocaine users for the control. The 20 cocaine users had a 30 - 35 percent increase in stiffening of the arteries, higher blood pressure, and the heart's left ventricle wall was found to be around 18 percent thicker than the group of 20 nonusers.

Dr Gemma Figtree, the study leader, is an associate ­professor of medicine at Sydney Medical School at the ­University of Sydney. She said "We are repeatedly seeing young, ­otherwise fit individuals ­suffering massive heart attacks related to cocaine use," and that "Despite being well-­educated professionals, they have no ­knowledge of the health ­consequences of regularly using cocaine. It’s the perfect heart ­attack drug." She later that added that "Stiffer vessels are known to be ­associated with elevated systolic blood pressure. As a result, the heart is required to work harder, and its walls become thicker."

There you have it. Using cocaine is like playing Russian Roulette - the drug is a heart attack wrapped in powder. Did you know that you can get help today? You can be free from the chains of addiction. By calling Legacy Freedom, you are making the first step in recovery. We offer premier and affordable drug rehab in Columbus OH. September is National Substance Abuse Recovery Month. Make the change your family deserves. Make the change that YOU deserve. Call us right now.

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