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This post is the second in a series on why people use drugs and alcohol to begin with. Here we're going to dig a little deeper into some of the factors that make some people abuse. If you know someone struggling with substance abuse, Legacy Freedom offers a holistic approach to drug treatment in Columbus OH.

The Biology of An Addiction
Substance use directly affects the neurotransmitters in your brain. These substances either block or activate receptors to mimic the effect of other neurotransmitters to feel good. They also activate the reward centers, and the areas that process emotion and motivation, in the brain. This is where an addict's cravings come from and substance dependence starts to develop. Avoiding biological addiction can be difficult for people who have a genetic predisposition. These traits will often show in other family members. If you see these, you should avoid using substances because you may have the same underlying addictive traits.

Addictive Behavior and Psychological Influences
People that are neurotic, or have risk-seeking personalities, may be more likely to use substances and suffer from addiction. These are only a few of the numerous psychological factors that can influence whether a person uses, abuses or becomes dependent on drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse is commonly used as a coping mechanism in dealing with stress or emotional turmoil. This can be brought on by poor coping skills or just having negative thoughts. Major depression disorder and bipolar disorder can both promote substance use. If you, or someone you know suffers from these disorders, make sure they are working with their mental health caregiver on a routine basis. This will help in finding effective coping strategies instead of abusing substances.

Genetics and Social Pressures
Some people are predisposed to addiction because of genetics. Some, not all, with these traits may find it very hard to avoid social and peer pressures. These risk takers like to indulge and turning down a good time can be difficult. As a matter of fact, a 2010 study showed that women, genetically predisposed toward substance addiction, are more likely to seek out social support from people who are substance users. These negative environments are a substantial contributing factor for individuals and their choices to use substances. Biological addiction tendencies make it dangerous for any person to surround themselves with social users. Recreational substance use carries a heightened risk of substance abuse and dependency.

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