Why People Get Depressed During the Holidays

drug treatment in Asheville NCTis the season to be jolly, right? Not always. At our center for drug treatment in Asheville NC, we can tell you that depression can become a serious problem during the holidays. In fact, those who are able to fight their depression during the rest of the year have the most trouble keeping it at bay during Christmas and New Year's.

Why? The holidays are all about celebrations, joy and togetherness. Love and happiness are everywhere. At the mall, in the streets and on television, it's a bit difficult to get away from all the cheerfulness. For those who are suffering from depression or addiction, it's not the most wonderful time of the year. If your son or daughter is struggling with addiction issues from depression, be sure to call Legacy Freedom. Our affordable options for outpatient drug treatment in Asheville NC mean they'll never miss a class, and can be home for the holidays. Call today to learn more.

Depression And The Holidays

Spending too much time with family can be a trigger for depression. Having to attend social gatherings can be, as well. It's important to understand what your triggers are during this time of year. Then, you can work towards dealing with depression or find a way to avoid it.

For those who are easily depressed or in the holidays, there are several ways to deal with these feelings. Below, you'll find tips that should help.

Don't set yourself up for a picture perfect holiday season. Expect the unexpected and never try to make unrealistic scenarios. It's easy to get caught up in the wonderful picturesque idea of a warm, happy setting with great food, beautiful people and fun times. However, that is not always reality. Arguing families, overwhelming food prep for burnt meals and depression can overtake holidays quickly.

Make sure you do not become depressed over things that don't go as planned.  Remember to be realistic and understand that not everything is as pretty and perfect as it seems on TV.

On the other hand, it's possible that you may isolate yourself too much during the holidays. You may be worried that perfect family gatherings will cause you to become depressed due to the fact that you know tomorrow will be another day with more problems. Social isolation can be a big factor in depression.

Instead of staying away, consider joining gatherings for a short time, at least. When you feel like completely withdrawing, just take it in stages. Come for the meal and leave before socializing on a more personal level becomes a problem. People will understand, especially if you explain to them what the problem is. Don't miss out on a family gathering because you think your depression will get the best of you. Instead, make it work for you in a way that helps your depression instead of making it worse.

With all the hustle and bustle, food prep and celebrations, it's possible that fatigue becomes an issue. When you're too tired to go on you can end up becoming depressed, as well. Don't stretch yourself too thin this holiday season. Take everything a day at a time and set realistic goals that you can meet without overworking yourself.

drug treatment in Asheville NCFinancial stress can be a big indicator of depression, as well. We all want to buy the biggest and best gifts for our loved ones but financial limitations often restrict that. Instead of being depressed about not having the budget for elaborate gifts, why not make your own? Not only will they be treasured for years to come, it might inspire the rest of your friends and family to do the same, as well. It might take a little more effort but it will be more appreciated and loved.

Social media is often a way for people to share their lives. Posting pictures of the perfect Christmas tree, family gatherings and fun gifts can often lead to depression. You'll end up comparing your life and yourself with others. No one has a perfect family, home or life. That's what makes things interesting. Remember that everyone is different. Don't compare yourself and your life with others. If you need to, stay off social media until Christmas and the holidays are over with. You'll be happy you did when depression stays on the back burner this holiday.

Remember to take care of yourself, as well. As we spread ourselves too thin with social gatherings, family obligations and more, taking time for ourselves is key in fighting stress and depression. Get a massage, meditate, exercise or take in a good movie to help. Time for yourself is important. Don't let the overwhelming stress of the holidays cause you to become depressed.

Often, tradition can be hard to follow when you're already feeling down and out. Why not try a new addition? Talk with your family or friends and see how they feel about it. Chances are they'll love it. You could even work it around existing traditions so that they're not completely forgotten. Be open and honest with your friends and family. They will understand what you're going through even if they've never dealt with depression before.

Not sure you're able to deal with the holidays at all? It's not worth your sanity. If you think that participating in traditional holiday gatherings and family time will be too much for you, consider going on a vacation instead. While it's a little unconventional, do whatever it takes to help you deal with your depression. Nothing is worth losing yourself over.

When things get tough, consider volunteering or donating to a good cause. A bit of outreach work will do anyone good. Spreading cheer in a way that helps others is a great way to lighten your mood this holiday. Try doing this when things get overwhelming this season.

Remember, the holidays are a time of love, happiness and togetherness. But, if these things cause you to become depressed or stressed, find a way to help fight that. Don't settle for traditional outings and celebrations if you're not up for it. However, we do hope these tips help you avoid or deal with depression in a way that makes you feel comfortable, as well as your friends and family.

Are you suffering from an addiction and not sure where to turn? Don't worry, there is support and help out there. It all starts with an open, willing mindset to fight drug addiction with rehab. Trusting a facility like Legacy Freedom of Asheville is key, as well. We offer holistic options for rehab. Keep reading to learn more.

Affordable Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Asheville NC For The Holidays

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