Peers Can Influence Substance Use

Asheville drug rehabPeer pressure is a serious issue teens go through when it comes to substance abuse. The adolescent years are already tough on our kids as they're changing from children to young adults. The pressures of school and sports can be demanding. Adding peer pressure on top of that can be dangerous. Does your child need Asheville drug rehab? Please call Legacy Freedom today for more information.

The nature and intensity of peers’ influence on teen substance use varies along with the type of substance under consideration, according to new findings from a group of American researchers.

Unfortunately, our teens are influenced by what they perceive. As if peer pressure isn't bad enough overall, studies show that the extent of the pressure depended on the substance being used.

A recent study from March 2015, that was featured in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, showed that researchers from three U.S. institutions looked at the relative impact of perceived peer behavior and actual peer behavior on the teenage consumption of alcohol, marijuana and cigarettes.

Upon conclusion, the researchers found that the substance in question depended on the type of peer pressure and how severe it was.

Cigarettes, marijuana and alcohol are the most used substances among teens. They consume them more than anything else.

Why Does Peer Pressure Influence Teens to Try Drugs?

According to, "Researchers monitored the brain activity of all the teen drivers in the study. Results showed that just knowing friends were watching activated brain regions linked with reward, especially when the teen drivers made risky decisions. The desire to impress friends may override the fear of taking risks. This could also apply to deciding whether to try drugs or alcohol. The decision to try or not to try might be influenced by who is around and if teens think they’d be impressed."

Social influence can be a serious problem for our teens. It can lead them down the wrong path, without them ever realizing that it's happening. They're more caught up in impressing the right friends than doing the right thing. Just as the research above states, the desire to impress peers can overtake their brain and make them do things they otherwise wouldn't.

How Do We Save Our Kids from Peer Pressure?

Teaching our children from a young age what's right and what's wrong is key. Also teaching them about the dangers of drugs from a young age is important, as well. Even if you think they're not susceptible to substance abuse, teach them anyway. Peer pressure is real. According to the studies done over the course of the past decade, it can override the desire to do what's right; even when they know better.

Set consequences for wrongdoings and be clear about what will happen if they choose to do drugs or drink alcohol. Teens who know their parents will punish them for doing the wrong thing will most likely think twice. They'll also have the excuse, "My parents will kill me." Though you think that might not work, it often does.

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