A Parent’s Substance Abuse Can Affect You

columbus oh alcohol rehab centerGrowing up with an addicted parent can create lots of "growing pains" for children in the household. Whether the parents are abusing drugs or alcohol, it will create bad memories.

If you've had to live with a parent suffering from substance abuse issues, you probably do not like to reflect on it too much. However, regardless of how you feel about it, their problems did affect you in many negative ways. Today we are going discuss how home problems played into your life growing up so that you might be able to positively heal and cope with your adult life.

A Parent’s Substance Abuse Can Effect You

Below you'll find several ways that your parent’s substance abuse may have affected you when you were a child.

Learning How to Communicate - Even though a parent might fall victim to substance abuse, they might not physically abuse you. This might make you believe that you were not harmed in anyway. However that is not the truth. A parent that is addicted to drugs or alcohol will at some point neglect their children because they will ultimately choose their substance of choice over their children. Substance abuse also breeds bad communication. When parents do talk, it's usually very negative, abusive, or untruthful. This portrays bad role modeling which children learn from, just as they do with positive role modeling.

Learning How Self-Medicate - When you have bad role models showing you how not to live life right, you pick up on many bad habits as a child, including bad communication skills. You probably witnessed them using at some point. Whether you saw them on accident or were present during their daily rituals, this self-medicating probably rubbed off on you. Self-medicating can be as simple as drinking every night when you get home from work. This is way many adults cope with unwanted emotions, relieve daily stresses, and handle family problems. As an adult now, if you find yourself following these same patterns, you may have learned it from your parents.

Having to Grow Up Too Soon - Living in a house with addicted parents can sometimes force the children to take on many adult responsibilities. This can be especially true if there are younger siblings involved as oftentimes the oldest of the bunch has to take on the roles of both the mother and father. Children of addicted parents are also faced with situations, conflicts, and emotions well beyond their age. Forcing a child to grow up too quickly is unfair and makes them miss out on many of the joys of childhood.

The above list contains only a few ways your parent's addiction issues may have affected your life. As an adult now, you should strive to learn how to face your problems and work through them without having to use drugs or alcohol to cope.

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