Parental Guilt and Mental Illness

Mental Health Facilities in Charlotte, NCNo matter how old your child is, you want the best for them. Whether they are young and you pay for an expensive private school or they are an adult and are struggling with raising their own children, the love and support you provide your child is constant. When an adult child is diagnosed with a mental illness, many parents blame themselves. Many parents struggle with feeling responsible for their child's mental health. Instead of feeding the sense of guilt, experts say you should give your child what they really need, compassion and support. When you're searching for mental health facilities in Charlotte, NC, make the call to Legacy Freedom. You'll love our outpatient treatment options.

Undoubtedly it has taken a lot of courage for your adult child to share their diagnosis with you. Whether they have known about the issue for hours or months, choosing to open up about their mental health problems and let you in requires an incredible amount of vulnerability. While the natural reaction is to pepper them with questions, what your child needs most at this point is to be heard. Asking for feedback about how they are feeling and what you can do to help is best. Remember that even though they are your child, you cannot force them to do anything.

Many parents choose to focus on the fact that some mental illnesses are genetic. Being upfront with your child about your own mental health and the history of mental health in your family is important. This information could provide clues to co-occurring disorders for your child. If you have had concerns about your own mental health, choosing to see a therapist or get help for your own needs is important.

Be aware that your offers of help and kindness may be seen as obtrusive or judgmental. While you are feeling helpless, your child is struggling to process a new diagnosis, make therapy appointments, and find ways to accept that their mental illness is now a part of their life forever. Meet their requests for help and support whenever you can. This will help reassure them that you are not judging them but instead are caring and standing by, ready to assist them in whatever way they need.

Mental Health Facilities in Charlotte, NC You Can Trust

The clients at Legacy Freedom of Charlotte experience a unique approach to mental health care. Utilizing a holistic approach to mental illness allows us to treat the whole person, not just their mental illness. We believe in involving family and loved ones whenever possible in mental health care and use these sessions as opportunities to educate and empower our clients' families.

Working together with our care team, your loved one will choose a care plan that meets their therapeutic needs and teaches them new ways to cope with the issues that have made living with mental illness so difficult. Legacy Freedom also utilizes alternative therapies to offer our clients a way to learn new boundaries, confront past issues, and get to the root of their mental health concerns. With more than ten different therapies to choose from, there is something for everyone. From yoga to equine therapy to inner child work, our expert practitioners will help your loved one through the therapeutic processes.

Talking with an adult child about their mental health can be difficult. If you expect that your loved one is struggling with their mental health or you are having troubles of your own, call or click to connect with Legacy Freedom today! We're one of the top mental health facilities in Charlotte, NC.

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