Can Oxytocin Really Be a Sobriety Miracle?

drug treatment in Raleigh NCWhat if the chemical made by your brain when you fall in love or feel loved could help you beat your addiction? Scientists who have been studying the chemical oxytocin believe that there is some connection between decreased levels of oxytocin in the brain and a person's likelihood to abuse alcohol or drugs. The amount of oxytocin is affected by some factors in our environment, and the production of oxytocin by our brains can be hindered based on experiences that happen in childhood.

Researchers have conducted studies which show that children as young as four years old show risk factors for drug addiction as a result of adversity or trauma during the formative years of the brain's oxytocin system. Many adults who survived a traumatic childhood or who lacked the love and affection needed in their early years to help the system form correctly struggle with addiction as well as co-occurring mental illnesses like depression, anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These co-occurring illnesses may be the reason that the person begins to abuse drugs or alcohol as a way to self-medicate.

Genetics can play a part in the amount of oxytocin that a person generates as well. Those whose brain's develop without the body's natural safeguard against addiction are more likely to fall into the addiction trap. This may explain a correlation of addiction among families. This may result in both biological and environmental influences which decrease the production and presence of oxytocin.

Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers specialize in dealing with alcohol and drug abuse in a holistic manner. Whether your addiction stemmed from emotional trauma or other life events, we can help. Our treatment program is not a 12 step program like other substance abuse treatment centers. At Legacy Freedom, we utilize a holistic and alternative approach to drug treatment in Raleigh NC.

What is a holistic approach?

A holistic approach means that we treat the whole person, not just their addiction. Together with your dedicated Life-Purpose Coach, you will discover the true root of your addiction and addictive behaviors. For many people, there is an underlying trauma or undiagnosed mental health issue. For some, stress, depression or anxiety caused them to self-medicate through the use of drugs and alcohol. Many more people find that using drugs and alcohol allow them to escape bad relationships, troubling memories or make coping with PTSD easier. Whatever the reason for your substance abuse, Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers can help.

By utilizing our extensive staff of dieticians, therapists, and clinicians, we can help you create a customized treatment plan that is focused entirely on you. If group therapy makes you uncomfortable, choose to work one-on-one with your therapist to work through your journey to sobriety. Addiction can take its toll on your physical well-being. Our team of physical therapists and dieticians will help you get your health back on track through exercise and diet. Alternative therapies are available at Legacy Freedom as well. Designed to challenge, empower and focus your energies on healthy, sober choices our alternative therapies offer you a chance to explore new activities as a part of your healing process. Adventure therapy, acupuncture, tai chi, yoga, EMDR therapy, equine assisted therapy and more are available to you. Call us today and learn more about our alternative drug treatment in Raleigh NC.

What is a Oxytocin?

drug treatment in raleigh NCScientists believe that by increasing the levels of oxytocin in an addict's brain, the need to use drugs or alcohol will be reduced. Oxytocin has already been shown in studies conducted at the University of Sydney to block alcohol's access and ability to effect the parts of the brain that respond to alcohol. Oxytocin reduces the feelings of stress a person may feel and decreases the pleasure that comes from using alcohol or drugs. By reducing stress which causes the person to use and inhibiting the pleasure center in the brain from being stimulated through alcohol and drug abuse, researchers believe that this could curb addiction and make it easier for addicts to stop abusing their drug of choice.

The hope is that scientists will be able to formulate a 'sobriety' pill which will deliver a dose of oxytocin to the addict's brain to inhibit their desire to use, thus reducing cravings and breaking the cycle of addiction. However, it appears that a pill is a long way off. A small clinical trial of oxytocin in nasal spray form was used to treat alcoholics who were in the process of detoxing. The participants who received the nasal spray showed less withdrawal symptoms and required less additional medication to tolerate their withdrawal. This news is encouraging for both researchers and addicts but will need to be repeated and extended beyond just treating detoxing alcoholics. Further studies into the use of oxytocin to combat cravings for other drugs like heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamines could happen in the future. If you need help fighting addiction, call Legacy Freedom. We can help you with holistic drug treatment in Raleigh NC.

Until science is ready to provide us a 'sobriety' pill, there are many natural ways that we can encourage our bodies to increase production of oxytocin. The even better news is that they are all pleasurable activities. Activities that naturally increase the body's production of oxytocin are:

  • Sound Therapy - listening to music or pleasant sounds, and even conversation can release oxytocin in our brains.
  • Meditation - By lowering stress and focusing on your body and breathing you allow the body to reset and release oxytocin. The best part about meditation is that it can be done anywhere and in as little as five minutes.
  • Express Creativity - Tapping into your creative side allows you to de-stress and release your fears and worries. Whether you paint, play music, dance or sing, getting creative releases feel-good endorphins and oxytocin throughout your body.
  • Release Your Emotions - Crying helps your body reset and return to a natural state of calm. Holding in negative emotions suppresses your body's ability to create oxytocin.
  • Physical Touch - Hugging, holding hands with your partner, kissing or having sex are shown to increase oxytocin levels quickly.
  • Exercise - We all know that when we exercise endorphins are released in our brains. Oxytocin is also produced when we exercise, so taking a run, hitting the gym or pushing through a spin class may be the key to increasing your oxytocin levels.
Holistic Drug Treatment in Raleigh NC At Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers

These methods are not a replacement for the treatment of your addiction. If you or someone you love struggle with addiction, Legacy Freedom of Raleigh can help. Our team of dedicated professionals is focused on creating a treatment experience that is centered on you and your needs as you begin to heal and live a sober lifestyle. We don't judge. We understand that the road to recovery is a journey. No matter how many times you may have tried to get sober or how helpless you feel, we can help.

The journey to living a sober and purpose filled life begins with a single phone call or click on our website. We invite you to learn more about our alternative therapies and our holistic approach to addiction recovery. What are you waiting for? Call Legacy Freedom for affordable drug treatment in Raleigh NC that works.

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