Overcoming Test Anxiety

Mental Health Therapist in Raleigh, NCWhether you are entering college for the first time this fall or returning to school as an adult after many years away, one thing is for sure, the first test of the semester can spark a bit of test anxiety. Fear of failing the test, having studied the wrong material, or not performing as well as your classmates are all common fears that feed test time anxiety. However, if you know that you are prone to anxiety when it comes to exams, there are some ways that you can overcome your fear and ace that test. If you need help with anxiety, call Legacy Freedom to speak with a mental health therapist in Raleigh, NC that you can trust.

How To Overcome Test Anxiety

Here are some of the best ways to beat test anxiety:

  • Don't Procrastinate - Stay caught up on the course material all semester long and ask for help when you need it. Don't wait until the study sessions right before the exam to ask for clarification on complex concepts. As you read, make a list of the material you are unsure about so that you can ask for more information during the lecture or from peers in a study group. Procrastination only adds to the pressure you feel pre-test.
  • Get Enough Rest - Don't stay up all night cramming for your exam. Your brain needs all the rest you can give it in order to function in a clear way and recall the information you have learned. If your exam is in the middle of the day, review your material one last time and try to squeeze in a small power nap before the exam so that you're feeling refreshed and focused.
  • Eat a Good Meal - Skip the coffee and soda before your exam. These will only make you feel jittery on top of the nerves you're already feeling. Instead, opt for plenty of water and a meal filled with protein, fruit, and vegetables. Midday exams can be tough to tackle on a growling stomach, so be sure to pack a snack like a granola bar or yogurt to get you through test time.
  • Have a Test Taking Strategy - When it is time to take the test have a plan in mind. Regardless of whether you answer all the questions you know first or choose to read all the questions before you answer, having a plan in place helps alleviate the anxiety you feel when the test is actually in front of you. Avoid fidgeting, but change positions as needed to help you relax. Control your breathing and concentrate on your test. When other students begin to hand in their exams, don't feel pressured to hurry along. Check the time and make sure you are going to be able to finish but remember that you have the entire exam period. There is no reason to rush.
  • Post Test Wrap Up - After you get your test back, evaluate how well you did and whether your strategy worked for you. If you felt unable to concentrate or were easily distracted in a large auditorium, talk with your professor and see if you can arrange to take your tests away from the larger group at another time. If this is something you'd like to ask about, be sure to give your teacher plenty of notice to set up an alternate time and space for you to take your exam.
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Anxiety doesn't have to control your life. At Legacy Freedom of Raleigh, we understand that anxiety affects your life every day. We can help you overcome your anxiety and take away its power. Our holistic approach to mental health care puts you at the center of your treatment plan, not your anxiety. Together with our expert staff, you can learn what triggers your anxiety and new ways to cope with and overcome it. Call or click to connect with a top mental health therapist in Raleigh, NC!

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