Overcoming the Shame of Addiction

Raleigh Alcohol Rehab CenterShame and addiction are closely linked. Studies have shown that shame drives depression, eating disorders, bullying, violence, aggression, and addiction. Intense feelings of shame have the power to make people feel worthless or as if they will never match up to those around them. Where does this intense feeling of low self-worth come from? Many individuals who have substance abuse disorders struggle with shame that stems from their childhood. Whether they were neglected, sexually or physically abused, bullied, or experienced difficulty in school because of an undiagnosed learning disorder, the roots of the shame they feel can run deep. For many, these intense feelings of shame have been with the addict for as long as they can remember. If you know someone with a drug or drinking problem, call Legacy Freedom. Our Raleigh alcohol rehab center and drug treatment facility can help them.

Hoping to numb the feeling of shame they feel, many addicts begin to use drugs or alcohol. Many of the addicts that are motivated by feelings of shame start using alcohol or drugs in their early teenage years. The desire to numb these feelings becomes more important, and they begin to use these substances as a way to self-medicate. This pleasurable behavior may make them feel better temporarily but then the sense of shame returns. This time the shame extends beyond the original shame they felt. This new shame is related to their inability to stop using or being dependent on drugs or alcohol to function.

The cycle of shame is powerful. It is one of the primary contributors in many peoples' addictions. Shame is a very painful and personal emotion. Regardless of why they feel shame, many people will do anything to make it go away, even temporarily. Shame feeds addiction; addiction makes you feel ashamed. This vicious cycle continues to degrade the addict's self-esteem, leaving them feeling guilty and worthless. Feelings of anger, depression, disgust, powerlessness, and disappointment develop and begin to impact your relationships, finances, and work and can lead to co-occurring disorders like anxiety, personality disorders, and depression.

Learning to overcome and acknowledge the shame you feel is a significant step in breaking your addiction. Understanding where your feelings of shame originated from is crucial. At Legacy Freedom, our holistic approach to substance abuse treatment doesn't put your addiction at the center of our care focus. Our focus in the care process is you. Helping you understand why you are experiencing the feelings of shame and where they come from is central to your recovery process. We are not a twelve step program. Instead, we focus on identifying why you use and helping you learn to work through and overcome those feelings, memories, and behaviors that motivate your addiction. Our care team is not here to judge. We are here to help you heal.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, for you, your shame is a weakness that must be overcome. Every Legacy Freedom client is assigned a Life-Purpose coach who will help them rediscover their passions, unique abilities, and strengths. These gifts may have been overshadowed by your shame and addiction cycle for so long that you may not even remember all the things you were good at or enjoyed before your addiction began to control your life. In working with your Life-Purpose coach, you will rediscover these things and begin to set new healthy sober goals for yourself. Your addiction and your shame are not all that you are. Learning about who you are without drugs or alcohol or shame motivating you is both exciting and terrifying. Our expert staff is trained to help you get to know yourself again as you commit to living a sober purpose-driven life.

Raleigh Alcohol Rehab CenterYou don't have to face your addiction alone. Legacy Freedom offers you a dedicated care team that centers their focus on you and your needs. Through traditional talk therapy in both one-on-one and group settings, you will learn to face your addiction head on and work through the events in your past that feed your shame cycle. With more than ten alternative therapies to choose from, your care team will help you select the right ones for you. Powerful therapies like inner child work, EMDR, and equine assisted therapy have been proven successful time and time again for those whose addiction is motivated by shame. Co-occurring disorders like anxiety, depression or PTSD respond well to other alternative treatments like acupuncture, adventure therapy, and sound therapy. Regardless of the challenges you are facing, Legacy Freedom can help.

A Raleigh Alcohol Rehab Center You Can Depend On!

Every promise to quit and every failed attempt at sobriety before fuels your cycle of shame and addiction. The strain your addiction places on your relationships and the powerful judgment you feel from those you love only pushes you deeper into your addiction. Forgiving yourself is the first step in choosing to live a sober life. You need to understand that your loved ones want you to be sober and successful. That's why you need a Raleigh alcohol rehab center and drug treatment facility that you can trust.

Together with our staff dietician and physical therapist, you will begin to heal your body from the ravages of your addiction. Proper nutrition and regular physical exercise are essential to maintaining a sober healthy lifestyle. The team at Legacy Freedom believes that when you feel good, you make good choices. The journey to sobriety begins with the desire to get sober, to work through the shame and pain that your previous experiences have given you, and to overcome the crippling grip of addiction.

Whether you have tried other programs and relapsed or have never been through a substance addiction treatment program before, Legacy Freedom of Raleigh can help. Together with our staff and your loved ones, you can overcome your shame and the shame of addiction and lead a healthy, happy, purpose-filled life. Many people are ready, willing and able to help you through this process. All you need to do is reach out, ask for the help you need to overcome your addiction and believe that you are worth the time, energy, and commitment that recovery takes.

Be ready to ask for help and leave the shame of your addiction and your past behind you. Today is a new day. Call or click to connect with Legacy Freedom and begin your recovery journey!

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