Ohio Will Invest $10 Million for More Substance Abuse Recovery Beds

substance abuse treatment centers in Columbus OH

Lets face it Ohioans, we have a terrible problem with opiates and drug overdoses. Just recently, studies have come out to find that Ohio is currently suffering from the highest rate of opiate overdose deaths ever. Because of these alarming statistics, the Ohio state government has to decided to invest ten million dollars in an effort to help recovering addicts fight their substance abuse problems for life. Back in November of 2014, the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services announced that it would distribute millions of dollars to create 657 new recovery housing beds throughout the entire state. These beds will be used by those that have left their substance abuse treatment centers in Columbus OH, or other parts of the state, and have moved on to a long-term sober living option to help them maintain their sobriety.

Statistics show that as of 2012, five people in Ohio died every day from unintentional drug overdoses. This number equated to a total of 1,914 overdose deaths in Ohio for the entire year. Tracy Plouck is the executive director for Ohio's Mental Health and Addiction Services. She said that “The opiate crisis has effectively changed the face of addiction in many communities, and making these timely investments undoubtedly will improve access to treatment, recovery and stability.” This state funding will take five million dollars from both the off-year budget, and the 2015-2016 capital budget. The money will be used to build 44 new recovery residences in Ohio’s 88 counties. Furthermore the state will create a database of recovery house providers, their contact information, and make that information available as currently the Mental Health and Addiction Services has no current estimate on the number of recovery houses in our state. Specifically in Columbus, two providers will receive funds to add new beds. These are The House of Hope and Amethyst Inc. The House of Hope will open its fifth recovery house for recovering men, while Amethyst Inc. will help single women and their children.

This act has the full support of Governor John Kasich. He recently stated that recovery housing is a necessary resource for substance abuse treatment and addiction recovery. Also, by September 2016 all 53 county behavioral health boards must make sure there are recovery housing options available to those who want it under this new law. The state is also working to create a nonprofit that will certify and assist recovery housing providers. Alisia Clark is the project director for the state's Mental Health and Addiction Services. She stated that currently, recovery houses are not required to be checked for quality by the Ohio Recovery Housing department, but in the future the state will not award any funding to those that are not certified. This will ensure the patients are getting the correct type of help they need with the correct procedures in place.

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Columbus OH

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