How Nutrition Can Help with Addiction Recovery

drug and alcohol treatment center in Raleigh NCRecovery from addiction goes beyond giving up your vice of choice; it’s important to treat all aspects of the damage drugs or alcohol have done. An element that is often overlooked is diet and nutrition. In the past, a recovering addict was encouraged to eat whatever he or she wanted in order to minimize cravings for drugs or alcohol. Now addicts are advised to take a healthier approach. If you need a drug and alcohol treatment center in Raleigh NC, please call Legacy today for more information.

Researchers have found that it’s better to develop a healthy diet that will help reverse the harm done by drugs or alcohol. Addicts don’t eat properly and the lack of nutrition can be damaging to their body. Malnutrition is another common problem.

Alcohol abusers consume most of their caloric intake from beer or liquor, which causes fullness that makes them not want to eat. When they do eat, the effect that alcohol has on the body prevents it from absorbing nutrients properly.

People addicted to drugs often don’t eat because they are too concerned with getting their next fix. Someone who used opiates may have gastrointestinal disorders that cause severe vomiting or diarrhea that will cause them to lose nutrients. Someone addicted to stimulants may not eat at all because those drugs suppress appetite.

A healthy diet will help repair the organ damage done by drugs or alcohol. It will boost the immune system and give an addict natural energy. Feeling good physically because of making healthy choices in diet can help an addict see that they can feel good without unnatural and/or illegal substances.

Changes in diet can also lead to improvements mentally. Drugs and alcohol alter the way natural “feel good” chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine work, making it difficult for an addict to feel good mentally without them. Studies have suggested that positive changes in diet can alter the brain structure chemically and physiologically. Eating certain foods can possibly lead to increased production of those mood enhancing chemicals.

Having a healthy lifestyle overall can help an addict during recovery because they become more aware of what they’re putting into their bodies. They can learn that healthy choices can lead to feeling good both physical and mentally in a way that drugs or alcohol can’t give them.

Research has shown that people who adopt a healthy lifestyle during recovery are less likely to relapse. A person who has bad dietary and fitness habits will feel tired and may be more prone to getting sick, which isn’t encouraging when you’re trying to stay off of drugs. In some cases, a former drug addict who has a poor diet may confuse hunger with a craving for drugs, which can lead to relapse.

A drug or alcohol treatment program should incorporate nutrition therapy into its recovery plan so that addicts will have all the tools they need to stay sober. A nutritionist will be able to give advice on the best type of diet plan for the individual. A person who gave up alcohol may have different needs than someone who had an opiate addiction.

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