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Struggle No More, Help Available in Charlotte Treatment Center

It is important when you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol dependence that there are rehabilitation services available to you.  In North Carolina, rehabilitation services are not offered on every corner.  With that being said, just because you find a facility close to you, does not mean it is Holistic Addiction Treatmentalways be the best fit for the circumstance at hand.  It is important to research where you will be going or sending your loved one. 

It is important for you or your loved one when seeking rehabilitation services in North Carolina, that you will be provided with the best care offered.  Getting sober is not a simple task and there needs to be the right kind of support network set up for the person wanting the help as well as their family. 

Legacy Freedom Rehabilitation Center offers multiple kinds of rehabilitation services.  Located in beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina, Legacy Freedom takes a holistic and new age approach to treating alcohol abuse, addiction, as well as dual-diagnosis patients.  Legacy freedom looks outside of the box when treating their patients.  They offer new age rehabilitation services as well as some of the more traditional therapeutic methods that you may be used to or have heard about.

Some of the rehabilitation services offered are one on one counseling as well as group counseling.  One on one counseling is important for the recovering person to be able to work on core issues and learn ways to deal with trauma that has happened in the past.  Group therapy is also great for the same reason because a lot of people don’t realize that others have walked in their shoes.  Marriage and family counseling are offered as well as process and gender groups.

Other rehabilitation services offered that are on the holistic end are yoga, art therapy, equine assisted therapy, fire walking, meditation, physical training and nutrition counseling.  Learning to re-center the body as a whole is very important; this helps to make the transition into a healthier being.  It has been found that leading a healthier lifestyle over all helps to aid in the recovery process. 

If you or a someone you know is struggling with dependency issues, please contact Legacy Freedom Rehabilitation Services today, 877-254-5536.

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