“Non-Smoking” Smokers

Asheville NC alcohol rehabHave you ever been at a party, club, barbecue or restaurant and thought, "I think I'll have a cigarette with my beer or rum and Coke?" Maybe you are stressed out due to work or a test and decide to smoke one or two while having drinks at a bar.

While you may believe that social smoking doesn't make you a smoker, you might be wrong. If you're in need of Asheville NC alcohol rehab or drug treatment, be sure to call Legacy Freedom. Keep reading to see how we can help.

Social Smoking

Many people think that social smoking is OK. Because they're not doing so on a daily basis, it can't be all bad, right? Wrong. If you assume social smoking doesn't classify you as a smoker, you are among a class of non-smokers that are misinformed.

Often called social smokers, people who don't buy cigarettes regularly or smoke them daily assume that they are non-smokers.  Even those that regularly smoke on the weekends or when with friends often consider themselves non-smokers. Social smokers are quite prevalent in today's society.

Non-smoking smokers are usually the ones who say they never smoke when doctors ask and also the ones who answer other "do you smoke" questions with a no.

Believe it or not, social smokers make up between one fifth and one third of the population who smokes even though they don't do so on a daily basis. More than 25% of non-smokers sparingly smoke cigarettes.

According to cnn.com, "Social smoking is often compared with social drinking -- that is, the social smoker is to the 'real' smoker what the casual weekend drinker is to the alcoholic. Even if social smokers (or drinkers) go a little overboard sometimes, their behavior is still fundamentally different."

According to Saul Shiffman, PhD, a professor of psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, social smokers provide an important analogy that offers "hallmarks" of social drinkers in that that they drink in specific settings. He also states that "They'll drink at dinner with friends, they'll drink in the evenings on weekends -- but they don't drink in the car, or first thing in the morning," he explains. "It's the confinement of use to particular situations that marks someone who uses a drug but not in an addictive way." If you think you've got a problem with drinking too much. Be sure to get help. Call Legacy Freedom. You'll love our affordable Asheville NC alcohol rehab programs.

The Dangers

Asheville NC alcohol rehabSome truly believe that smoking only once in a while or a few times a week will keep them from becoming addicted to tobacco usage. This isn't the case, however. The idea comes from "chippers". This the name researchers gave individuals who use heroin in small amounts to avoid addiction. While it might seem like a good idea in theory, it's not at all healthy or a "no strings attached" type situation. Much like heroin, smoking cigarettes only socially isn't a good idea either.

"This is absolutely not a good thing to try," states Lloyd-Richardson, PhD, assistant professor of psychiatry and health behavior at Brown University, Providence, R.I. She also says "We certainly know the health risks associated with smoking. At this point we have not determined a safe amount of smoking. Research also suggests that particularly with adolescents, they often are kind of lulled into this sense they can smoke a little in social situations and then can quit when they go to college or get a job. And we don't actually see that happening that much. Overall, these smokers end up smoking for many, many more years than they intended to."

Honestly, cigarette smoking has declined in the US for the past several years. Only less than 20% of American adults actually smoke on a regular basis. Women are less likely to smoke then men, those in their mid 20s or mid 40s are at greater risk for smoking  addictions.

Nicotine, found in cigarettes, causes long-term changes in brain activity. Our brains have a certain chemical environment that is compromised when addictive substances are used. Even those who smoke socially risk the chance of triggering these changes. Why? Because even though it's done infrequently it's done continually. The continual use, long-term is what causes the changes.

And more, smoking cigarettes causes serious health conditions like COPD, chronic bronchitis, heart attacks, strokes, lung cancer, other cancers, coronary heart disease, and other issues within organs. Smoking only now and then does not eliminate the risk of these health conditions.

Smoking can also cause type two diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, gum disease and poor oral hygiene, in general. It also causes complications with pregnancy and increases the risk of osteoporosis in older women.

It's important to understand that smoking, whether it's part-time of full-time, is risky for your health. You can become addicted to nicotine, even if you're only smoking socially. The chemicals in our brains become compromised with extended use of substances, no matter how frequently or infrequently. It's the continual use that harms our health and leads to addiction.

We hope this information helps you think twice before choosing to smoke occasionally. Remember, lighting up at a bar, party, or when you are stressed doesn't exempt you from health risks.  Find a different way to relieve stress or blow off steam.

Alternative Asheville NC Alcohol Rehab and Drug Treatment

If you, or someone you know and love, are suffering from an addiction, don't lose hope. There are substance abuse treatment programs that can help with recovery. Consider the following therapy options, offered by Legacy Freedom of Asheville:

  • Educational therapy groups
  • Family advising and education
  • Holistic education
  • Individual therapy
  • Recovery planning for relapse prevention
  • Recreational activities
  • Team building

Our facility isn’t like other types of rehab, the experience is second to none. We offer the following outpatient treatments to those struggling with drug or alcohol use, to help them learn what life without substance abuse will be like:

  • adventure therapy
  • comprehensive onboarding and evaluation
  • drug testing
  • dual diagnosis
  • family therapy
  • group therapy
  • individual counseling focused on the individual’s needs
  • life skills
  • parental support and assistance

Battling a drug and alcohol addiction alone can be difficult. As working adults, we are expected to be responsible, plan for the future, do well in life, yet still somehow manage to be happy and excited no matter what type of daily struggles we encounter. Addition can happen to the best of us. Thankfully, one thing is for certain, there are professionals out there that can help with your fight to get clean. Contact Legacy Freedom to learn more.

Suffering from addiction and aren’t sure where to turn next? Regardless of how bad your drug or alcohol use has become, help is always available. Recovery is just a phone call or visit away. Contact Legacy Freedom. Our highly successful outpatient Asheville NC alcohol rehab and drug treatment can help.

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