Non-Alcohol abuser Drink Ideas for Your New Year’s Celebration

drug and alcohol treatment center in Greensboro NCSticking with recovery can be difficult during the holiday season. We see it each year at our drug and alcohol treatment center in Greensboro NC. There are tons of family gatherings, parties and celebrations. Often, there will be alcohol at these events. That means fighting triggers and cravings will be necessary.

For those that are freshly out of alcohol rehab or those that are seasoned, the temptation is still there. However, there are ways to ensure you have something to help you fight the urges. Many times, a non-alcoholic drink will do the trick.

These tasty drinks look like alcohol, give your hands something to hold and also keep people from offering you a drink. If you're looking for a few easy recipes, continue reading! When you're looking for a drug and alcohol treatment center in Greensboro NC that you can trust, make the call to Legacy Freedom.

Non-Alcohol abuser Drink Ideas For New Year's Eve

Are you looking for a delicious non-alcoholic drink to serve at or bring to a holiday or New Year's party? If so, consider making these beverages below. They will be tasty and easy. There's nothing better than serving mocktails at a party so those who can't drink will have something to enjoy.

  • One of the easiest ways to create a nonalcoholic beverage that looks similar to one with alcohol is to take sparkling mineral water, pour it over a bit of ice and add in several pieces of frozen fruit. Put it in a pretty glass and serve.
  • You can also add frozen fruit to your favorite citrus juices, as well. These are not only nonalcoholic but also delicious and look fantastic.
  • Blend frozen juice with a bit of water and make a frozen mockarita! Be sure to garnish with salt and fruit just like the real thing.
  • Combine ginger ale and sparkling juice together in a champagne flute to make a toast with friends at the stroke of midnight.
  • Make a tray of fruit ice cubes. Add your favorite berries or pieces of fruit into each ice cube slot and fill with water. Freeze and use in various nonalcoholic drinks like juice, mineral water or club soda.
  • Cranberry juice, pineapple juice and orange juice make a lovely combination. Mix them together and add ice cubes made of lemonade. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

These easy mocktails will be a great way to not only enjoy a delicious drink with no alcohol this holiday, but also offer friends and family a nice beverage without pressuring them to drink. It will also help those who are recovering from addiction. Having something that looks similar to an alcoholic drink without the alcohol will be a nice deterrent from the fact that they aren't able to drink!

Dependable Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Greensboro NC | Legacy Freedom

If you know someone who is suffering from addiction, it's time to get help. While it’s easy to believe that you are alone in this struggle, that is the farthest thing from the truth. There are numerous people dealing with addiction in the world. Regardless of how bad drug or alcohol use has become, holiday help is always available. Contact Legacy Freedom of Greensboro if you need rehab. We are an affordable drug and alcohol treatment center in Greensboro NC that can help you get back on track to a healthier, happier life with outpatient drug treatment plans.

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