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Making a New Year's Resolution just seems like the thing to do. Every January, it seems as if the first few weeks are always filled with people asking the same question - "What's your New Year's Resolution this year?", or something similar. Many of us do try to use this time of year to make a fresh start. You'll find a lot of your friends trying to stick with healthier habits to improve their overall well-being but failing to keep them up as the weeks pass.

Rita Milios is a Psychoptherapist at Inner Peace Professional Counseling in Florida. She said that about "45 percent of us will make a New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, about 25 percent of these resolutions will be ditched after the first week." The Journal of Clinical Psychology echoes this statement from Milios. Their research also shows that about 45% of people will make a New Year’s resolution and a quarter of these resolutions will be ditched after week one. After six months, less than half of the people who made resolutions will still be following them. Finally, only about 8% will follow through to complete success with their resolutions.

Just take a second and think back to when you started making your own resolutions and now try and count how many times you actually followed all the way through with these resolutions. If you are like most of us, then this number is probably really low, similar to the data above. One positive piece of data to note is that if you are in your twenties then you're more than twice as likely to maintain a resolution as those people in their fifties or older.

Why Resolutions Fail

Resolutions fail for many reasons. Time, effort, money, distractions, problems, and lots of other reasons. Sometimes life in general just gets in the way and the resolutions just get too hard. Sometimes our expectations and desires change. Some people simply lack the self-discipline that is needed to maintain the change. Changing a person's behavior takes time and a lot of desire and patience.

Resolutions Can Be Risky for Recovering Addicts

For recovering addicts, making resolutions can be a double edged sword. The consequences of not following through with something can be higher. Milios also stated that "New Year’s resolutions can be especially risky for those in recovery because the stakes are higher and the opportunity to feel disappointed in one’s self is greater, if the resolution’s promise is broken. Since self-doubt, self-criticism and shame are often issues a recovering person struggles with, making a resolution that may be easily broken is like setting one’s self up for failure."

This is not always the case. If you find ways to minimize failure then you can have a greater chance of succeeding. Planning out what kind of resolutions you are going to make and ensuring yourself that they're obtainable while also allowing you to maintain sobriety is key. This way you are creating less opportunities for yourself to make bad decisions. Remember, only you can control your own behavior.

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